Saturday, June 22, 2013

The great chitter chatter

I don't write much about Rebekah because...well...there isn't all that much to say.  But yesterday I had the opportunity to spend the morning with her (and Paul).  I wanted to make sure to share these because they truly display Rebekah's personality.

One of the things we tend to do is go to Panera for breakfast together.  She loves it.  I love it.  We've been doing it since she was a baby.  Interestingly - I don't have this tradition with any of the other kids.  (But...outside of birthdays I'm not sure I have spent as much one-on-one time with I did with Rebekah.)

Anyway she ordered a pumpkin muffin (vs. a muffie) and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.  I got a sandwhich...and ordered a Strawberries and Cream scone for later in the day.  As I was looking over the menu to get my order straight, she chatted with the guy behind the counter who very politely listened to her.

"I'm going to the doctor this morning.  His name is Dr. C.  He is in a new office and this will be the first time I get to go to this office.  We are having breakfast for dinner sometime this week.  It will be yummy when we do.  I don't know when we will be having it, but it will be 'anything can happen' that day."

Now let me clarify...we very occasionally have breakfast for dinner.  I have a tendency to think breakfast should be at breakfast.  There is an episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper tries to let loose...and schedules one day a week where he will allow anything to happen.  (Of course...he wants to plan out what will happen! :-) )  Right after we watched that episode (awhile ago), William was trying to convince me to have breakfast for dinner.  I identify heavily with Mr. Cooper.  And so he blurted out "Have your own anything-can-happen-day!"  And so we joke that it is "anything-can-happen-Wednesday"!  We are having breakfast for dinner!

So the fact she picked up on that really cracked me up.  I also couldn't help but laugh at the guy - who clearly was trying to listen so politely...but wasn't really sure what to say to her besides "Oh really???"

This highlights one of Rebekah's key features.  She is NOT afraid to talk off a complete stranger's ear.  I listen to her and grimace half the time because it frequently means that *I* have to talk to strangers.  I barely like talking to people I know...let alone people I  *don't* know.  And William is social enough - but not nearly as talkative/outgoing as Rebekah is.  I'm thankful she is though, because her chattiness has opened up so many good doors for us over the years.  But I do occasionally wish I wouldn't get drug into it all.

Next when we went to the dr office we had a little trouble finding it.  It is new so it wasn't well labeled.  (Our ped who we have had since Rebekah was born moved his practice.)  There was a guy in the hallway and Rebekah tells him ALL about how we are going to the doctor.  We finally found it (the gentleman actually pointed us in the right direction - thanks to Rebekah telling him we were lost).  Rebekah was again talking the receptionists ear off.

All of these people thought she was adorable.  And I'm so glad.  We do run into people who are annoyed by it.  (Frankly...if it were me pre-kids I probably would have been! :-P )  And I can't help but frown on those people.  Really.  (I think I would have deserved that too pre-kid!)

The receptionist answered questions of Rebekah's and asked questions of me to work through some of the 'new patient' stuff.  She then tells me that she will need an I.D.  My heart sank.

Approximately 3 months ago I lost it.  Ruth was getting into my purse (she has learned the power of stools...there were very few places I could put it  where it was safe!) and kept stringing things out.  One time she completely emptied not only my purse, but my wallet too.  Contents were EVERYWHERE.  And I hadn't been able to find my driver's license since.  I had looked all over the house, all over my purse and was no where.  I searched multiple times.  It was simply gone.  I thought I'd go get a new one before I went back to work, but I didn't make it.  And I hadn't really had time since. 

So I stood there, jiggling baby Paul, absent mindedly starring into my wallet, thinking of what to do or what I might have that would work.  Rebekah prattled on, the receptionist continued to be amused.  "Well..." I broke in...about to deliver the news that we were out of luck.  At that very moment I spotted a card in the side of my wallet.  I pulled it out and it was my driver's license.  "Well..." I stammered.  "This is a miracle.  Here's my driver's license."  The lady just looked at me and laughed nervously...not really sure what to think of my declaration.  "No really.  It has been lost for a long time and I just now found it.  This is a miracle."

"God must have put it there!  Or Jesus!  One of the two!" Rebekah declared with confidence.

Why yes.  She was absolutely right.

Rebekah has taught me so many things through her just being her.  I try so hard to teach her and I hope that I'm able to reciprocate.  She is giving, compassionate (she told William 'it didn't feel good' to get a little girl out at a baseball game a few weeks ago...because it made the other girl sad!), and vibrant.  Rebekah sees good everywhere.  She is creative and pretty darn smart.  Quite frankly, she is an excellent big sister - definitely a better big sister than I ever was. :)

And don't let me fool you.  Rebekah and I don't always get along. She will frequently 'not talk' to me.  As in, I'm trying to have a simple conversation with her and she simply won't respond.  She will be looking at me as if she is paying attention...but she doesn't behave like it.  I'll ask her to do something, she'll start off to do it...and I will find it either not done or half done later.  (Ex:  I'll ask her to go put something away.  I'll find it in the next room in the middle of the floor instead of put away.)  But if she were perfect, then I supposed I would have named her Jesus. ;-)

After the doctor appointment we headed to the car.  She asked me if she could eat her bagel and drink her milk.  "Yeah, no problem." It hadn't been too hot and we hadn't been at the appointment all that long.  "Can I eat my muffin?"  I replied "Absolutely.  That food is yours, eat whatever you want."We headed off to the daycare to find her class. 

I ended up dropping her off at the park with the rest of her class.  As we get out of the car she says "Thanks for letting me eat your pastry Mom!"  I didn't think too much about it. 

Later that day, after everyone was dropped off and I was headed into the house to work (from home) - I made sure to get out all the food.  I looked in the bag and sure scone was demolished.  As was her muffin.

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