Monday, July 17, 2006

(Imported from the babababies website -- 'Rebekah's Persepective')

Whew! It has been a busy busy couple weeks! Mommy and Daddy took me to meet some relatives in West Virginia. Boy howdy, there were all kinds of people everywhere to smile at! People loved talking to me and I enjoyed every minute of it! I was even told I should be a commercial!

I had a lot of firsts while there. I flew on a air plane for the first time. I slept mostly, and everyone on the plane was impressed at what a good baby I was. I'm always good! I don't know what the big fuss was?

While at my Uncle Charlie's I saw lots of stuff I wasn't suppose to get into. I started crawling everywhere trying to get into it, but Mommy and Daddy kept me away. Now that I have this crawling figured out, I am everywhere. I especially love to pet the doggies!

I have three new teeth in the past two weeks. Boy do they hurt! I have had trouble sleeping because of them. Mommy has been giving me lots of that yummy Tylenol stuff...mmmm it is so good! I like it when she gives that to me. Oh yeah...makes me feel better too!

I got to go swimming in a swimming pool for the first time in my Great Aunt Laura's pool. Honestly, I didn't like it at first. Daddy put me in the water in my life jacket, and I just screamed and screamed. I didn't like being on my back in the water...and actually was down right mad they even put that puffy jacket on me. I scowled at them until they took it off...after that, I was a happy camper!

This past weekend I went on my first boat. Mommy took me to a party and showed me off to some of the fellas she works with. They had a boat, and pulled people around on this little floaty tube. It was so strange. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and Mommy and Daddy looked weird riding around behind the boat. But at long as everyone had fun! I loved riding on the boat myself, especially with the sharp turns! Some of them made the boat look like it would flip over they were so sharp! But I knew I was safe cuz Mommy and Daddy put that pesky life jacket on me. I tried scowling to get them to take it off, but it didn't work this time. They told me I had to wear it if I was going to be on the boat. I hate that thing...

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