Friday, September 1, 2006

(Imported from the babababies website -- 'Rebekah's Persepective')

Wow, my first birthday is coming up! I have no idea what that is, but Mamma keeps talking about it! A lot has been going on. Last weekend I got to play with my friend Elsiegh. We had a BLAST! I followed her everywhere. She didn't mind until I tried stealing her paci's! Why would I do such a thing you ask? Well, if I didn't tell my Mamma I'm certainly not going to tell you! (Hee hee...they ARE fun to chew on!)

The weekend before that I visited Grandma and Papa. I had LOTS of fun!

This weekend I think Mamma and Daddy aren't going to do much of anything except play with ME! YEAH! I love spending time with them!

I have been sick this past week...I got the rotor virus. It didn't affect me tooooo bad, except I had a couple days with lots of poopie diapers. Mamma and Daddy gagged when they changed me...boy was it fun to watch! But I got to spend time with them while I stayed home from Daycare. And I got to visit the doctor. He let me play with his ear flashlight. And Granny even came and spent a day with me! Today I finally got to go back to daycare, and boy did I miss it! I'm told Gracie missed me too. Good, maybe she will play with me more!

Last night while Daddy was golfing I took 3 steps to Mamma and didn't fall down! She got so excited! She kept standing me up in front of her, but I would just sit down and crawl over to her. She kept saying "Walk! Walk!". Doesn't she know crawling is so much easier?

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