Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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The day after...

Well, Rebekah did great opening presents. She got through about half of the ones we got her before she just stopped opening them. But we managed to get her to open all of them (including the NEW ones my family brought her) by the end of the day. Here are some snippets of funny things she did and said that will be up soon.

*We bought Rebekah a doll set (stroller, pack n play and high chair). We also bought a doll for it (we originally intended for her to use one of her dolls she already had, but it was simply too we got a smaller one at the last second). Her favorite doll that she plays with the "most" says stuff when each hand/foot is squeezed. (We actually bought it to help the dogs get accustomed to having a baby in the house...LOL) It has a bottle that goes with it, and when you put the bottle up to the baby's mouth it makes sucking noises and I think its mouth moves a little. The new doll we bought her came with some of those bottles with disappearing milk. It says stuff when you squeeze it, but that it is. Well she grabbed one of the bottles and put it up to the baby. She looks up at me and says "Its broken Mama!"

*The stroller for her dolls that she got, all day Rebekah would sit in it and say "Pusha me!" One time I was in the kitchen and turned around...and there she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen (quietly waiting for me to notice her) in her baby stroller. When I looked at her she exclaimed "Pusha me!" LOL

*She would push the baby in her stroller and run around and run the stroller into things. Amazingly, that baby stayed in most of the time.

*Towards the end of the day, when she STILL had 3 or 4 presents to unwrap, she walked over to me and said "New toy please". HA HA HA! We told her there were still a few...but to not expect this every day!!! LOL

*Ms. Jami brought deviled eggs to the party. I think Rebekah ate most of them...she also tried the ham and mashed potatos. This morning the leftover deviled eggs were still sitting on the counter, and Rebekah exclaimed "EGGS!!! I want EGGS!!!!" LOL When I took out the mashed potatoes (fixing my lunch for the day), she got all excited about them as well...and my ham. So for her "pre-Breakfast" that she has before we leave in the morning, she had mashed potatos and ham. I of course didn't let her have the eggs... ;-) (We didn't save them because they sat out for quite awhile before we remembered they were sitting out...)

*For dessert, she had three helpings of cool whip, plus some cool whip off William's plate. I figured it was Christmas...ha ha. They were small helpings that got progressively smaller as well...but she really enjoyed it. (Didn't like any of the pies either...she isn't a pie person right now...) I was pretty surprised that she actually used a spoon to eat it!

*Below is a list of things Rebekah received this Christmas (and I'm sure I forgot some things) NO particular order:
- Doll set (pack n play, stroller and high chair) & doll
- Mr. Potato head set
- Board games (hungry hippos and don't spill the beans -- she enjoyed playing both of them!)
- Wooden train set
- Thomas the train bubble maker for the tub
- Doctor kit
- bath paint set
- Bouncy horse
- Catapillar riding toy
- light up bear
- Several books
- Puzzle
- Set of new sheets & matching blanket
- New bowl/plate set
- Plastic doll with snap on clothes (and extra clothes)
- Thomas the train (flashlight? it chugs and choos)
- Thomas slippers
- Tea set
- Backpacks
- Mittens
- PJs

That is all I can remember. I'm sure I'm missing something though. As you can see, Rebekah had quite the haul!!! We will of course be cleaning out the old toy boxes to make room for the new stuff. Don't be surprised if we give you a call and ask if you want something that you have given her in the past. We feel that is the right thing to do. If you decided you don't want it - no worries!! They will be given to some sort of charity (Salvation Army and/or maybe her daycare -- they are always looking for new toys). Space in the Savage household is VERY limited, and we simply can not keep all the toys! :-) We of course appreciate everyone's generosity to our daughter!!

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