Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The inspiration for my purse camera...

About a year and a half ago, we went to the fair (Sept '07). It was our first time at the fair, and we had a ball. On the fair grounds, they have a fountain that the kids can plain. Rebekah was VERY timid at first, but soon was playing with the other children by herself. (Not before William got soaked though!)

It was a good time all around, and as she played I really wished I had a camera. I stewed about it for quite awhile, kicking myself for not thinking and missing this beautiful moment. It suddenly dawned on me...I DID have a camera! It was on my phone...sure the quality wouldn't be great but it was better than nothing!!!

This is the sole picture product that we have. Of course, I started telling William I needed a NEW camera phone! We talked and talked about it...and he bought me a small little camera for our anniversary the following year. It takes GREAT pictures and fits in my (small) purse beautifully. My wallet is bigger than my phone. Here are a few shots we got from the fair in Sept '08:

I have never regretted requesting the camera...and the pictures show. I took approximately 2500 pictures last year. :-)

I found the first photo on my desktop at work...and it brought back fond memories. So I thought I'd share!


A Proud Mom said...

I need one of these small cameras too. Which one did you get?

Miriam said...

I have the Fujifilm Finepix J150w. It is an OK camera...I find it frustrating sometimes. It can be slow to take a picture. I had a different one earlier in the year...but it fell off my car (I left it on the roof). I liked it a lot better, but I can't recall the camera type now. I DO know you need to stay away from the Kodak Easyshare...I've not heard anything good about it. You might try researching on Cnet.com to see which one might be best...we didn't do any research. The first William bought me for an anniversary present. The second we got because it took the same kind of battery as the first...LOL (I had wanted a spare anyway!) So not much thought was put into it!