Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The special nursing shots...

I had a post awhile back ("Nursing in Public") I intended to put these shots into...but I never got around to putting them in. Rather than go edit that post, I thought I'd create a new one.

There isn't much nursing in public for me these days...Peter likes to nurse sitting up. That is very hard to do discretely...even if I could, I'm sure he'd wiggle his way around to make it not so. My baby is growing up. It happens, and I'm glad it does. I certainly don't want to nurse him forever, but this time is just flying by. It needs to slow down just a little bit! *sniff*

This is at a park...Rebekah is off playing on the
equipment having a grand time!

William took this one...I think he was just playing
with the camera, but I thought it was a sweet picture!

I have no pictures of nursing Rebekah. As a matter of fact, William was appalled at first I'd even take one! LOL I guess he changed his mind after awhile! (Really...it doesn't show anything! If it did, I certainly wouldn't post it!) We have both changed our views on nursing (in general) over time. Gosh...when I first had Rebekah I had hoped to make it to a year, William was thinking 6 months! If you had told me it would be 2, I would have fell over! I'm sure he would have too!

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A Proud Mom said...

I love the pic on the steps.