Monday, January 5, 2009

Peter's Birthday - the BIG fall

We are fast approaching Peter's first birthday. My baby...ONE! This last year has flown by and I feel as if I've missed much of his babyhood.

It was about this time last year that I fell. I (of course) was very pregnant, holding Rebekah, and fell right on my bum leaving the house! The brunt of the fall went to my tail bone/hip. The pain was so severe, I couldn't lift Rebekah to put her in car seat. I could barely walk. I remember saying "I'm FINE!!!" and secretly hoping I hadn't done any damage to myself or the baby. Rebekah was just scared her. That was miracle #1 -- that neither child was hurt during the fall.

I remember William telling me "Don't be a hero! If you need help let me know!" But I chose to take Rebekah to daycare anyway. That was a complete mistake...a hobbling pregnant woman is just ASKING for pity stares and unwanted inquiries.

After drop off I made my way to work. I took me 20 minutes to walk into work, because I had to hobble. That should have been a clue to just go home. ;-) I'm stubborn.

I called the doctor's office and let them know I fell. They told me I was probably ok, take some Tylenol and KEEP MOVING! What? MOVE? I didn't want too...I wanted to stay in my chair. But I decided to make a trip somewhere every hour. The first hour, I made it about 15 ft before returning to my desk. It wasn't pretty folks.

I was so worried about myself and the baby...I emailed my friend and asked for prayer. She forwarded my email to the church prayer chain. It was unusual for her to check her email at that time...miracle #2.

An hour later, I attempted to get up. I got up. I was fine. I wasn't fine as in "Go run circles around the block" fine...I was fine as in "I can walk to the bathroom or ice machine without limping at a normal pace" kind of fine. A HUGE difference in so little time. I think I went to the bathroom AND to get ice, just because I could! Miracle #3.

And of course Peter was fine...not even a "cone shaped head" when he was born. (We joked he would have one...being jarred down and all! LOL)

I have had God's miraculous healing twice. That was the second time. When God works in your life, it is always amazing and wonderful. I'm so glad He took a moment to look in my life and heal me.

And now I have a amazing story to tell Peter!

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