Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peter the Pickle Eater

First up...I have some adorable pictures of Peter eating a pickle I thought I'd share.

No doggie...that is MY pickle!


Hey...where'd my pickle go?
(Solomon ate it...Peter dropped it in the floor...)

Secondly...we learned on Mon. that Peter has food allergies. We got to learn the hard way. (See pics below.) We aren't sure exactly what it is...other than it was an ingredient in the lasagna that we ate! And because of these photos (I got a kudos for taking them :-))...we got a definite food allergy diagnosis. So poor Peter does not get any ice cream at his first birthday...because there is a good bet he is allergic to dairy (although it could be anything).

During dinner Peter started to rub his eyes. It was quite obvious something was bothering him. I took him out...then I noticed his eyes began to swell. So I got a wash cloth and wiped them out really good. We called the doctor's office when it was clear the cause wasn't simply something in his eyes.

We called the on-call nurse so that we could find out the dosage for Benedryl. William mentioned that Peter had boogie eyes for a few days...and she insisted his issue was either an eye infection or he got something in his eyes from when he rubbed them at dinner. She told us to wash them out really good. (Yes, William told her we already did that.) After some circular conversation, she finally gave William the proper dosage for Children's Benedryl. An hour later and Peter looked better, although still poofy.

I took the pictures because last time Peter got shots and he broke out in splotches, we were told to take pictures (so we did). I'm not sure I would have thought about it otherwise.

The ramifications of this hasn't fully sunk in yet. We of course do not know the severity of the allergies and what not...but gosh, if he is allergic to dairy it will definitely cause a major lifestyle change in our lives. Any food allergy would but cheese and milk are particular favorites in our house.

The coincidental thing about all of this is the timing. Peter's birthday is in 2 weeks. Rebekah didn't have dairy until her first birthday. I followed all the "rules" to a T with her and was obsessed at the thought of her having a food allergy. It really hadn't crossed my mind with Peter. I don't know just didn't.


Anonymous said...

You know that traces of egg are in lots of vaccinations right? I am still guessing egg (in most lasagnas as well) based on the reaction type and the occurences. Plenty of ice creams do have egg in them as well though. ;-) - Arfy

Miriam said...

Yes, the vaccine/egg correlation did cross my mind earlier today. :-) I do appreciate all your thoughts on the subject!