Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrating 10 years: Great Wolf Lodge

For out 10th anniversary, William and I wanted to go to Hawaii. OK...I wanted to go to Hawaii...or even Cancun. However, considering the age of our kids and Peter's love of his mother, there was no way I was going anywhere without kids. So we thought we better go somewhere the kids would have a blast...

We also wanted somewhere we could go over a weekend. William doesn't have a lot of time off right now. After some thought, we came to the conclusion that a trip to Great Wolf Lodge would fit the bill perfectly. We had a great time last time we were in KC...which was the weekend we found out we were pg with Peter. :-) So I guess KC is becoming a milestone celebration city for us!!

Friday William and I took the day off and hung out. The kids went off to school and we played. We rode go-carts, watched "Monsters vs. Aliens" and shopped. I think the shopping was William's favorite part...he thoroughly enjoyed walking around Von Maur and Dillards looking at shoes!

My folks picked up the kids from school and took them to the circus (big fun for them!), while William and I enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Red Rock Canyon Grill has great food, but is pricey enough we only eat there once a year. Two Martini's later (ingested by William), and we drove home and waited for the kids to come home. I will say, I could not believe Rebekah stayed away for the 45 min drive home. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the nearly two bags of cotton candy she ate.

The next morning we packed and headed off to Kansas City. We had a lot of fun at GWL!

When we first arrived...this was Rebekah's favorite chair.

Rebekah talking with the wolf.

Peter loved animals and was pointing at everything.

Our room had a deck, which we thought was neat...
Until William turned his back and found Rebekah
standing on a chair to see over the railing!

The kids hanging out on the balcony.

William figuring out what he wants for dinner.
We ordered room service because we were just too tired
to try and coral the kids to go anywhere to eat.

View from our room.

Where's William? He's in this picture bringing in our luggage.

The fireplace in the lobby.

A close up of one of the wolves on the fireplace...
The lobby was awesome.

The clock tower in the lobby. Every 2 hrs it goes off
and the animals do a little song/dance thing.

Peter playing on the stairs.

Ready to go swimming!
She wanted to model a bit...

I tried...
I was aiming for a picture of the two of them...
this was the closest I got.

She loved her new foot flops and the
fact she could WEAR them!

Just a nice shot of Peter.
I think orange is his color!

THE bucket at GWL!
Yes...we stood under it with the kids.
We held them tho, as they are much too little otherwise.

The play gym. This was a lot of fun...and Rebekah loved climbing around on it.
Ever seen a sinking ship movie?
Water shooting everywhere?
That is exactly what this was like...loved it.

Kids playing in the water...sorta.

Rebekah playing at the end of one of the kiddie slides.

They had fountains...this was Peter's favorite.

We actually had to really both play with the kids, since they are so little, so I didn't get to get too many pictures really. Rebekah loved the big pool too, and finally figured out paddling in the life jacket. She had a ball swimming around, and even told William at one point she was ready to take it off! LOL!!! He was like "Uh, no." We also took the kids on the lazy river, but none of us really really cared for it. For me, it wasn't lazy enough. I kept getting stuck in dead spots.

And lets face can swim with the kids for only so long at this age. :-) So we also participated in the animal tour in the lobby, story time, Rebekah did a craft and we played MagiQuest. Rebekah had a BALL waiving her magic wand. She kept taking it away from Peter (whenever he'd get his hands on it) and tell him (very seriously) that it was dangerous! hard to keep a straight face.

Peter loved this coffee table...great entertainment for him.

Another attempt at a shot of the kids together...
Why do I try? :-P

Rebekah at Cub Club doing her art project.
She got to color a GWL pillow case.
That is Ms. Emily in the picture. She was SO GREAT with the kids!!!

And at the end of the day...Peter tuckered out.

At story time, Peter was so tired in fact that at one point he tripped and that was all she wrote. He would NOT stop crying. I was by myself, as William went to put something things away in the room. I didn't want to drag Rebekah away, but at the same time Peter was disturbing everyone.

I got SO MANY dirty looks from the other parents. I was really surprised actually that I got so many. William finally rescued me, and I could hear Peter crying all the way up the the room (even in the elevator, albeit muffled).

Rebekah got to meet "Wiley Wolf"...but of course I did not have my camera. Oh well.

On our way out of town we stopped at Cabelas...since it was right there and all. They had a lot of stuffed animals. There was one that said it was hunted in something like 1954...WOW! That is completely amazing to me!

Rebekah peeking at one of the displays.

One of the displays...they were pretty amazing.
They had polar bears, lions, elephants, alligators, brown bears...
You name it really.

Awww...I never get tired of this.

Well, we couldn't go to the beach, but this restaurant had that feel!
It is called Cheeseburger in Paradise...I enjoyed the food!

We also ate at Cheesecake Factory (YUMMO!)
Peter loved it!

Rebekah fell asleep on the way...she didn't wake up
until we ordered our cheesecake.

We attempted to order something for Rebekah,
but she was perfectly happy with bread.

Peter enjoyed some whip cream too!

And that concludes our trip...thanks for watching. ;-) It wasn't glamorous, but I certainly enjoyed it. It has been a great 10 years and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens over the NEXT 10 years!!!

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Charity said...

INCREDIBLE! By my standards you had the PERFECT anniversary celebration! When we met our Mr. Right and accepted the proposal, and then said "I DO" we hoped to create a wonderful family... what better way to celebrate TEN YEARS of marriage? WONDERFUL!

Only problem is... I'm jealous! ;-D