Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Observations of a stranger

Yesterday, I saw an image of something that I wished I had a camera to be able to capture it.

There is a man who lives at a fairly large house on a 5 acre lot. This house is right next to the road on my route home, so I pretty much pass by there every day...multiple times a day.

Last summer they planted some trees and started landscaping a bit more. When they first started the plantings, he would drive around in his small pickup truck with barrels of water to water the trees. So I'd see him out there every day. This of course stopped when winter hit. This last week, he has planted some more plants and resumed his daily watering.

Yesterday, he was sitting in his truck, parked next to a row of some kind of plants (which I assume will act as a privacy barrier when they get bigger). He was leaning on his arm, looking out the window of his truck holding a beer. He had a dog in the truck with him, which was leaning on the window seal looking in the same direction.

They looked so thoughtful, and I'd really like to know what they were thinking. Was the man wondering how long it would take for these plants to be full grown? Or was there some problem with the plants? Was he even thinking about the plants? He could have been pondering some world issue or scientific mystery. It might have even been as simple as "I wonder what is for dinner tonight?"

And what wast he dog thinking? Who knows what dogs think...well, mine thinks about food and when we'll throw that ball next. :-P

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