Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Decorating Easter Eggs

Of COURSE we decorated Easter eggs!!! I got a super delux looked like fun. About the only "extra" thing we used was the clear crayon...although I do believe Rebekah enjoyed all the extra colors.

Waiting to get this show on the road!
(And Solomon CAUGHT ON TAPE! What's he getting into?)

Dipping in the egg...she cracked a few plunking them in.
And later...she decided to "dry" them.
The eggs never had a chance really.

Peter dying Easter eggs...uhhh using Peter methods. :-)

Rebekah coloring with a clear crayon...

Peter watching (Yep -- that is some good coloring sissy!)

Peter coloring. He mostly put it in his mouth.
(Shocker...I know!)

TA DA!!!

The kids had a great time! And it really wasn't too terribly mess!

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