Thursday, May 28, 2009

Melt your heart...

Nothing will melt my heart quicker than my kids playing, hugging or just generally interacting with one another in a nice manner. :-P

This evening...this is one of the many great conversations we had.

Me: Put on your PJs
Rebekah: I don't know how
[This has been a theme -- I don't know what her deal is.]
Me: Start by picking out a pair of underwear.
Rebekah: Ok

Rebekah opens the drawer, and Peter walks over and peeks in the drawer.

Rebekah: Peter, do you want to pick a pair?
Peter: Nah uh
Rebekah: OK!

She then closes the drawer...he attempts to help. This thumb narrowly misses being squashed in the drawer, and the kids burst out giggling. (I have no idea why.)

Rebekah: Oh ok, do you want to help?
[Opens the drawer back up]
Rebekah: Here you go Peter, you can help!
[Peter closes the drawer]
Rebekah: Ohhhh good job Peter! You are my big helper!

The kids then proceeded to give each other hugs and kisses amidst giggles and squeals. Ahhhhh...these are the moments that make life grand!

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