Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Killing plants the slow way

Rebekah learned about gardens a few weeks back. Ever since, she has been asking to plant plants. "We put them in the ground, water them, sprinkle sunshine and they GROW!" LOL

To top it off, Peter "planted" this plant for me for Mother's Day.

Those of you that know me are probably laughing...yes, it is pathetic. No, it did not look that pathetic when it was brought home. Yes, I have been watering it. I decided to try and save it by re-potting it. I have no idea about plants, but that seemed like the thing to do. So I went to Wal-Mart, bought a few pots as well as some seeds. I figured we could attempt to grow something while we are at it.

(You may stop giggling now.)

She was pretty excited...I chose two kinds of seeds and let her pick which one she wanted.

Peter liked the seeds too...he kept running off with them.

I wrote her name on the pot so I'd know who's was who and she wanted to draw. I thought "Why not?". She was pretty excited I let her draw all over the pot.
She is concentrating...

Completed colored pot!

Putting dirt in the pot...

Peter also enjoyed putting dirt in pots.

Peter put ALL this dirt in this pot...I was proud!

Next up...seeds!

The pots all planted.

Rebekah helped me fill the larger pot for the other plant.

I looked away for a couple seconds...and Peter had a mouthful of dirt. Convincing him that dirt was NOT for eating was not really all that easy...he was pretty convinced otherwise.

Well, the plant doesn't look much better...but we will see. I've either successfully killed it all together, prolonged its life or actually saved it.

Of course, we had to water...

All done!

We will see how this adventure goes! I'm kinda excited. I don't know why, I have zero luck with plants. Rebekah is QUITE excited as well and she is very sure that they will grow. I guess this faith is contagious. We shall see!

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