Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A milestone for me: First Pedicure/Manicure

This weekend was very interesting for me, besides getting to spend time with the kids (which is ALWAYS interesting!).

For the first time ever I got a pedicure and manicure. I mostly enjoyed it. I am quite the "touch me not" and I ended up with a male manicurist. Combine the two, and it was an uncomfortable experience...but pleasant enough I'm willing to give it a try next month. But I must get flowers (or something) on my nails next time.

My favorite parts were the foot rub, the relaxing with no screaming children and the great company of my friend. She warned me it would tickle when they cleaned the bottom of my feet...she was right. It did tickle.

My least favorite parts were the anxiety of "Are my feet the dirtiest feet he's ever seen?", the uncomfortable silence (I'm not chatty) and the invasion of my personal space. I think at the very least if I was good at yakking it may have been better. But I'm not. So where do I look? At the guy? At the TV? At my friend? I did all three...

And I'm just clumsy enough that I think I frustrated the guy when he was painting my finger nails. He had two little fans I had to hold my hands up in front of to dry as he put the various coats of...stuff...on. After the first layer, I bumped my right hand on the silly fan. Then twice I bumped my index finger of my left hand against the finger next to it. Smudges everywhere.

And poor fella...there was no place to add a tip on when I paid. And I had no cash. I really didn't have any choice but to not leave a tip? (I asked my friend about this...she said they don't like to put tips on the card machines b/c of the charges. She didn't have any good advice for what I could have done differently...I'll know for next time!) I think he tried to "hint" because he pulled a $5 out of his back pocket and threw it in his drawer while I was sitting there. LOL

I made it all the way to the car with nice nails before I got my first dent. Yep. I am talented.

They still looks nice though. :-)

And a huge thank you to William...who not only took care of our kids while my friend and I had our nails done, but watched HER kid too! He claims it is easier to watch all 3 versus just our 2, because my friend's kid is auto-entertainment for our kids. LOL But I'm still thankful...so THANKS!

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Janette said...

Yeah -- glad you enjoyed it. I have pedicures sometimes. Ok, I've only ever had 3...but when I go, I tell them they could do everything but the scrubbing on the bottom of my feet. I warm them if they forget, they will have me climbling the walls and kicking. They don't forget :). The Nail Lounge at Maple & Maize is WONDERFUL. They have massage chairs and hot rocks they use to massage your legs and feet with. Heaven!

My friend does my nails every 2 weeks out of her house in Sterling Farm (behind the Warren). She does all kinds of flowers, insects, etc. I had mine done yesterday and she hand painted a dragonfly on them. She's great. If you're ever interested in going, let me know! She would love new people. Only downside is, she doesn't do pedicures...but that's ok!