Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No cavities, where is my sticker?

I went to the dentist today. I'm happy to report I am cavity free...I was a bit worried because some of my teeth have been pretty sensitive lately. I learned today that this is mostly like caused by my brushing my teeth forwards and backwards (versus in circles). Apparently, this can cause your gum to pull away from your teeth and expose portions of the root of your tooth.

I'm sure I learned this when I was 7. I'm also sure I dismissed it, especially since I remember a loony aunt of mine telling me something similar. Well...she was loony. Like I'm going to believe anything she says!

Anyhow, there was one particular thing about this dentist office visit that struck me...the dentist had bad breath.

I know sometimes it just when you eat something and the next day no matter what your breath is just awful? Maybe that was his deal. But it sure was odd and certainly not something you'd expect.

PSA: All dentists, if you wake up with bad breath, please just say home that day. Your patients would appreciate least this one would.

Another thing struck me about this visit...words like "as you age" and "over time" kept cropping up. Nothing like a dentist visit to make you feel old.

Oh least I don't have any cavities and I'm all set for another 6 months.

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