Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial weekend: Fun in the sun!

This is a four day weekend for me. And the weather has been absolutely I've been living it up...and the WEEKEND IS NOT OVER! Woo hoo

In the below picture it cracks me up how Peter looks like he is just as big as Rebekah...this isn't far from truth but normally he doesn't looks SO big in pics!

Kids cheesing it up! I was tickled I got both their faces!

Friday I met up with an old friend to go to the zoo. I didn't realize it was the day the Tiger Exhibit opened...I probably wouldn't have gone! LOL! We had a really good time. Rebekah was ADAMANT she wanted to see the hippos...

The water was actually clear!
You can see them in this picture...
(potato looking thing in the back).

Posing...she loves to pose!

So happy...really, he's excited to be free.

In the new Tiger Exhibit, they had zoo keepers everywhere talking about the tigers. They had a pelt, a skull and a dried tongue that you could touch. Rebekah enjoyed petting everything but the tongue...she wasn't sure what to think about that. She also enjoyed watching the tigers.

Here, the kids are listening to the keeper talking about this tiger pelt.
(From a tiger who passed away at 22 in a zoo.)

Petting the tiger. It felt pretty neat!

Our air conditioner is out. And it was pretty hot on Saturday, so I stopped and picked up a blow-up pool. It seemed like a great activity in warm weather! Even though our water comes out at 50 degrees or so from the well! This did not slow down the kids one bit!

That looks like fun mom...

But it is a bit cold for me...but this zebra head is fun.

We closed up the evening with a picnic outside. Today we had a repeat - Rebekah was VERY excited to get back into the pool and woke up asking to go swimming. I told her after nap. As soon as she woke up from nap she brought me her swimsuit!

It has been a fun weekend and it isn't even over yet! I'm sure we'll have MORE fun. Nothing in stone yet, other than some toilette cleaning. (Someone has to do it...)

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