Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rebekah's first bike

William and I had been talking, and we decided to go ahead and get Rebekah a bike. We had discussed her 4th birthday, but seeing as her birthday is in the fall, by the time she got it she wouldn't be able to play with it too much. So we decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

There are a few things I would have done differently if I had given it more thought. Firstly, I would have figured out how to make her "earn" it. She certainly had a case of "I wants" in the store. I don't think she has ever wanted so much in her life.

Secondly, on the way out of the store, after hearing 101 million "I want"...she saw some marshmallows. "I WANT SOME MARSHMALLOWS!" Shocker. So I said..."What do you want more, your bike or the marshmallows?" "MARSHMALLOWS!" She replied. Yikes...didn't get the marshmallows, and probably shouldn't have given her a choice.

Rebekah trying out the bike in the store.

She fell in love with the "kitty" one immediately.
(At least it wasn't princess or barbie!)

Peter tried out a bike too...LOL

I did make Rebekah ride a couple different ones, just to make sure she really liked the kitty one. She did...I don't think it helped that the kitty one was already adjusted perfectly for her. HA! Explaining to a 3 yo that you can "fix" the other bikes isn't easy.

She picked out the helmet too...pandas!

The complete setup!

We did go ahead and get her a horn. So she says "I pedal and honk my horn!" She likes that horn pretty well...honk honk. Peter does too...he will stand next to her bike and honk it.

And for fun, below is an interview about her new bike!

Now she just needs to learn to brake. Her idea of "braking" is to stop pedaling...I'm sure she will get it soon. We probably will wait for to get the hang of that before taking her on walks around the neighborhood. William is already talking about getting family bikes so we can go on family rides!

We also happened to see a set of kiddie golf clubs...and of course had to get them (with William being a golfer and all).

William giving a mini-lesson.

Peter loves the clubs...although he just chews on the end. Of course, he enjoys carrying the balls around too, but I didn't have my camera with me the rest of the afternoon...too busy playing!

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