Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls day out

The company felt I needed a day off...ok, I guess everyone at the company as today was a mandatory day off. We have had a few of these this year. I've done lots of different things on these days off.

After last weekend, I felt like I wanted to spend some one on one time with Rebekah. It had been awhile since I had. We have a new sticker chart system, and Rebekah gets to pick what "prize" she wants after earning so many. Usually she picks "the prize" then we assign a sticker value to it. For the last round (25 stickers), she had chosen a new pair of shoes. The plan was to go shoe shopping.

For breakfast, we went to an old standby...Panera.

She loves their bagels...and cream cheese of course.

It took her forever to eat (an hour)...I wonder why...

After breakfast, it was only 9:00 AM. Save WalMart, none of the stores were open. The next sticker chart prize was a trip to the park, which she had not earned yet...but it was such a beautiful morning and perfect time...I couldn't resist.

You sure are picture happy...

It has rained that morning. I happened to have towels in my car, which I used to clean off a swing. She then decided to clean everything with the towel...LOL.

After awhile, she requested to go to the bathroom. On our way, we passed by a huge flock of various kinds of geese.

While on the potty, Rebekah asked if we could feed them. I have had bread in my car for a couple months with the intentions of feeding them to the geese...HA! So I checked it - and it was still in good shape (not moldy, just dry).

Here goosey goosey...

Aflack...oh wait, that is my cousin!

I was surprised at how small the Canadian geese were compared to some of the other kinds.

We went shopping for her shoes, then off for lunch. She wanted MacDonald's. I hate MacDonald's. So I went to Sonic. Rebekah loves their drinks, and requested a "purple one". Being the obliging mom I am, I got her a grape slushy.

"It tastes like a popsicle!"

She ended up eating Wendy's instead of McDonald's (because she wanted mandarin oranges) and home we went. The cows were right by the back fence, so we tip toed out there and had lunch with the cows.

It was a full morning, and boy was I tired and ready for nap time when it came!

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