Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peter's first baseball game

William's work sponsored a baseball game. This was Peter's first game ever.

They gave out free hats...the kids love hats.

Boing...Rebekah went in the bounce house 3 times!

This is Nutty...errr Swirly? I forget...but Rebekah loved him!

Waiting for the game to start...this section filled up.
Umm...we did not have tickets for this area...squatters!

Peter clapped when every clapped, would raise his arms when every would get excited and even said "Woooo!" when the announcer did. He really enjoyed the baseball game!

We got some cotton candy...which I didn't realize was green until I got it back. It was a little odd having green cotton candy!


You have a little something there on your face...

Rebekah taking a turn to sit by me.

The kids were everywhere. Some people were more tolerant than others...but for the non-tolerant people I decided they could get over it. ;-) The announcer announced that the garbage gremlin was going to come around. All the kids with garbage bags could follow him. They did instruct the kids to not touch him...

I forgot about that...

William reminded me afterwords...oh well!

This is William's friend Kevin. He loves kids (good thing lol) and the kids really warmed up to him. By the end of the night they were crawling all over him too. William and Kevin were playing with the hats with Peter. I thought at first they were just trying to entertain him.

Nope...they were playing "hat toss on the baby"...

Peter did enjoy it!

The home team won 4-3. It was a nail biter of an ending, especially when the other team hit the ball that looked like it was going to be a home run. I just groaned and though "No not overtime!" But the home team stepped in and made the catch ending the game. Whew...

Peter was out before we hit the highway. Rebekah stayed awake all the way home. I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with all the cotton candy she ate!

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