Friday, July 3, 2009

Implementing the sticker chart

We decided to implement a sticker chart system for Rebekah. We have had some listening issues and I thought this would help.

So the first round, I had her draw a picture of "her prize". She wanted to watch the movie "Cars". The big spider-looking blob is her (on the left). The smaller one is Peter. The lines coming up straight out of her head is hair. I know it looks like she has four arms, but the top are ears and the bottom are the arms.

The big square is the movie, and the dots are cars. When she told me it was the movie, I said "Where are the cars?" She replied "Right here...I'll draw some more for you!" and proceeded to make more dots...LMHO!

These are the rules. They are pretty simple. We go over them each night, and talk about what she did right and what she wrong. Depending on the rights and wrongs, she gets a sticker. (We don't expect her to be perfect...)

For example - last night at the baseball game she stuck her foot out as someone was going down the stairs. We have no idea why she did it, but she did not get her sticker (along with the other punishment she received when it happened) to help reinforce we don't stick our feet in front of people as they walk by.

Rebekah helping to hang up the actual sticker chart.

The first rounds of sticker chart.

Picking out her stickers...

We have changed up the charting a bit since this first round. We now get a sticker for each rule, and a sticker for chores (which is simply cleaning up her clothes and cleaning up her toys). There is a "bonus" section that William and I can give her a sticker if she does something extra good. For example, she got a bonus sticker today for feeding Solomon.

So far, her prizes have included watching the movie Cars, a shoe shopping trip, a trip to the park, and an umbrella. She just finished up earning her umbrella today. I asked her what she wanted and she said "a new swim suit". I'm trying to divert her to non-monetary prizes...LOL

I may suggest a night with an extra book, allowed to stay up 15 minutes late to play or another trip to the park/zoo/walk? Either way, I'd say it has really worked well so far. She is pretty solemn whenever she doesn't get a sticker for one of the rules. We always talk about why (you did this or you did that) and let her know that tomorrow is another day and another chance.

This also has been helping her with her counting...we count how many stickers she has, and figure out how many she needs for the next prize. (We set the amount based on whatever she wants -- larger things require more work.)

Lots of learning opportunities!

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