Friday, July 3, 2009

Hanging out with the kids

I did get a few pictures in while William was in Vegas. I thought I'd share them!

Kids playing train.

Of course we had to visit the cows.

Rebekah hollered at them and scared them away. (They were hanging out in the pond until she started "talking" to them!) She asked them what they were doing and moo'd at them.

Peter "helping" with the dishes.

Rebekah acting silly...I think she was dancing?

We played outside as much as possible. The kids love being outside and I think it helps tire them out. ;-)

Peter loves balls.

Our balls are actually all flat and holy...holey? With holes! So Peter would bounce them then look at me pathetically like "What kind of ball is this Mom?"

A new use for a flat ball!

Rebekah was playing in her bathing suit because she also played with the water hose (although, I didn't get any pictures of that). Peter had his water shoes on, but no swim suit because it is currently missing (lost at water day at school a week or so ago).

What's this?
Yes - went straight into his mouth...

Sis helping bro!

Yes, she does look a lot like William!

We had a great time (as previously state) while William was away. :-)

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