Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday the 3rd - a day of nothingness

So today everyone was home, as it was a corporate day off. We didn't have specific plans. Whenever I ask William what he wants to do on a day like this, he always says "nothing". For the longest time I thought that meant he didn't have anything particular he wanted to do. It turns out, he means he wants to do nothing. This is a foreign concept to me...

When he responded "nothing" this morning, I did my best to oblige him!

Playing in the basket - this morning Rebekah
was pushing Peter around for awhile!

Rebekah laid down in the floor. Peter thought it was funny and laid down in the floor right next too her. See those shoes right by her head? Those were the shoes she picked out the other day.

This is as good of a seat as any...

Playing hoops with my new ball that BOUNCES!

A man and his dog...OK, so it is my dog. :-)

CHALK! Rebekah drew her family!
Peter drew lines!

Train wreck anyone?
(He loves hats! All kinds!)

Even though she has a big girl bike, she still enjoys the tricycle.

A game of chase!

Water break!

Rebekah begged all day to go outside. We waited until evening with the hope that it wouldn't be TOO hot. I think she had a good time out there!

At bed time I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she told me "playing". Especially riding her bicycle.

I hope this was enough "nothing" for William. ;-)

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Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

Looks like a bunch of nothing to me since all the shots of William involved sitting in a chair! ;-)