Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am blessed

Today we sold our house.

5 years ago almost to the day, we bought the house. 5 years ago, William and I were sitting in a tiny room reading every single paper given to us. We were alone. No one cared anything about us, except that we buy the house. We felt a lot of pressure to do so - whether it was the right thing or not.

Today I was in a larger room, full of people who supported us. It was a difficult decision for us to even decide to sell the house. And this room full people knew it. They cared. The atmosphere was different.

When all was said and done, a huge burden was lifted off of us. Our beloved house is sold, but we are on the right track for our future. And I know God has some exciting plans for us.

After everyone left, our realtor spoke to us. He confirmed some things we already knew, spoken into our lives by God. Divine intervention. He then prayed over us in our journey to becoming debt free.

The difference was tangible. The peace is unmistakable.

While it may seem our journey is complete, the truth is that we are just beginning. William and I have a huge mountain to climb over yet. We've just prepared for the trip and are now ready to set out.

And this time...we have a support system. I know we'll make it, because we have a large family to keep eye on us and make sure we stay on track.

I am blessed.

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Charity said...

You got me all choked up. I am so proud of you and William. xoxo