Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I wonder if this is a new tradition?

I feel compelled to update on how we have done in Dec. with our goals. No idea why...maybe because I've shared so much so far, it seems silly to stop now.

I will say that during Christmas, historically, we have racked up the most debt. We all go a little crazy. So this season was a particular test for us.

We did not get anything really paid down. No extras to the ol' debt bank. BUT...and to me, this is huge...we did not put a single thing on credit and paid cash for everything.

Huge people...HUGE! We did it! To me, this is JUST as good as paying down the debt...for now anyway!

And, we also received additional blessings from God. If you recall, we were having a bit of TV troubles. Well, William being the gadget man he is really had a bug for a new TV. It didn't help that the manager had promised 'a good deal'. But NO worries...we did NOT slip!

William received a surprise from work - a $200 gift card. We also received Christmas money from my parents and pretty much just gave each other Christmas money. With all of it (including the 'great deal' from the Best Buy manager), he was able to buy the below...

William calls it the little TV. I keep telling him that is simply bragging...while it is smaller than the TV downstairs, I think a much better title would be "the TV upstairs". Ah well...semantics I guess. My point, is we are yet again very blessed. Very very blessed.

By the way - we bought our last 'big TV' the Christmas after we moved into our last house. I just found it a little funny.

So to recap...no additional debt, new TV and we are still sticking with our goals. We are doing good. YAY US!

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Janette said...

Wow, congrats to both of you!! I can understand how big of a deal this is!! Dec was a crazy month for us as well this year and while after going through Financial Peace Univ, we don't use our credit cards routinely, we have been known to use them "if we had to" and then just pay them off at the end of the month. Well, during Dec, we had unforseen things happen that made us have to transfer money from savings several times, and feel really crunched -- all while trying to buy things for Christmas. It wasn't comfortable to say the least and often times we were stressing. However, come Christmas, Chris & I were discussing the weird month and trying to figure out how we survived and it hit me -- "umm we never once used the credit cards to bail us out". The credit card never even came to mind until AFTER everything was over. Something that small seems like a God thing because had I thought about it earlier on, I would have used it in order to relieve some of the stress & then just paid it off when the bill came in Jan and things were back to normal! However -- we made it, even while having to use some of our emergency fund! It's a hard road for sure -- BUT very rewarding at the end!! Happy for you guys!!