Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The LAST orthepedic appt

This last week we had another checkup for Peter's leg. As a reminder, he broke it right before Thanksgiving in Nov '08. He had another follow up last July. The doc had told me then that hopefully this would be his last appointment.

The wait was so short (I was shocked, I was prepared for a long one), I didn't even get to snap a pic of him waiting. Just after I took off his jacket, they called his name and asked me for his x-rays. I groaned...because I had left them outside in the car. "Oh, we'll hold him so you can run and get him." It was 10 degrees outside. Really...if we were lucky. So I decided he'd be fine while I ran outside. Bundling him back up just was not appealing.

I was amazed as I walked back into the building and was not greeted with wailing. Peter wasn't happy when I returned, but he was calm. Can we say shocked?

The wait in the waiting room was also short. We played around with the camera, he finished up his water and explored the room. Ta da - we were DONE! In came the doctor. (This was the shortest visit EVER!)

Drinking some water

What's in this corner?

The doctor's prognosis was good. She said his leg has healed 'beautifully', and that you can not even tell it was ever broken. His growth plates are open. He is perfect in every way.

Whew...sigh of relief. I'm glad we can finally put this behind us, and I don't have to be reminded of that terrible day anymore.

Oh yeah...and about the hat...he has been wearing that thing around for a week or two now.  What can I say?  He loves hats.  Product of having an older sister and grandmothers who love to buy all things pink.  He has moved onto a red one now... :-)  

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