Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peter...say PETER!

So William has been on a quest to get Peter to say his own name. The game started a week or so ago when William was at the doctors with him, trying to entertain him in the waiting room.

Unsuccessful at getting him to say it, he has been attempting to trick him over and over again. He finally thought he had out smarted Peter.

William: Peter, say 'Captain Hook'
Peter: Catan Ook
William: Say 'Lost Boys'
Peter: Ost Boys
William: Say 'Tinker Bell'
Peter: 'Inker Be'
William: Say 'Peter Pan!'
Peter: Me Pan!

Ah well, it was a really good try...

It is also noteworthy, that this weekend William was indeed successful at getting Peter to say his name.

William: Peter, say 'P...puh puh puh P!'
Peter: 'P'
William: Say 'E'
Peter: 'E'
William: Say 'Ter'
Peter: Ter!
William: P....Ter...
Peter: P...Ter...
William: Peter!
Peter: Peter!

Tada! So the little 'me' bit is pretty well gone. But it was cute while it lasted.

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Janette said...

Ok that first part about "Peter Pan" and Peter replying "Me Pan" made me really laugh. He is SO smart and SO cute!! Jan & I were asking him to say "Peter" in the Todder room Sunday. He did eventually say it. Too cute! :)