Friday, April 2, 2010

The amazing and wonderous ice cream man

In our previous house, we never saw an ice cream man.  You know - country and my kids didn't know who the ice cream man was.  Well it sure didn't take them long to figure it out.

The first time we heard the ice cream truck, he turned another direction and didn't come by our house.  The second time, he came by...and William was greeted by a kid to busy texting on his phone to bother stopping to sell some ice cream.  (Model employee...don't you think?)

Third time was a charm...Rebekah heard the truck and came squealing in that it was they went out and waited for it.

She's telling the neighbor kids about it...who were like "Who cares?"  But this did not deter Rebekah - she kept trying to insist to them that they need to go get money from their moms and dads for the ice cream man!

Peaking down the street...

Rebekah could barely container herself!

Rebekah picked immediately - Peter really had no idea what he wanted.

Peter - can you BELIEVE we are getting ice cream from a truck?
(I have really no idea what she was saying - but she WAS obviously excited!)

Look what I got!  Amazing!

The kids and their bounty!

Next up will be convincing the kids that we don't need ice cream every time the ice cream man stops by... :-)

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