Friday, April 2, 2010

Meeting Miss A

This is Miss A.  Miss A is a very special baby.  It isn't that some babies aren't special - but when you have to wait for 2 years for a baby's appearance...the wait just makes you appreciate the baby that much more.

My very good friend C and her husband R had to do such that.  I prayed for them fervently during that time for them - as this is something that I often have a burden for to pray over.  I've prayed for many babies over the last few years.

Anyway - many people were praying for this baby...and HERE SHE IS!  The amazing little Miss A.

Isn't she adorable???

We were talking about her red hair...and Rebekah says "Red hair like mine!" and holds her hair up.  Obviously we couldn't see it...haha.

Little Miss A loved the toys we had out...but hey, what kid doesn't like someone else's toys?

Miss A also loved Rebekah and Peter.  Here - Rebekah is asking us "What's she doing?" and Peter just isn't too sure about Miss A.

Following them around again.- this time Peter. 

Umm - Mom?  What's she doing?  Is she supposed to do that?

This is a trinket magazine that Rebekah was reading - and was eager to share.  This is also Miss A's mother, C.  Miss A of course was interested in the crunchy noise of the papers.

Rebekah trying out her photography skills - not too shabby!

We had a GREAT visit and it was such a pleasure to visit with my friend and her little girl.

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