Friday, April 23, 2010

Who's Report part 2

I had my follow up appointment with the diabetic doctor this past Wed. As you may recall, I am being treated for gestational diabetes (GD) due to my history with the pregnancy on the other two kids.

April 8th I had an appointment. The song "Whose Report Do You Believe" had been ringing in my head for a few days already, and continued to do so as I went to this appointment. It was an interesting visit - for starters I was greeted/startled by a monkey when I entered the door. This monkey belonged to a patient, and why the office let the monkey in I'll never know. I later saw this couple in the room (door open) with the monkey - who was hanging on the door. Sanitary? I think not! But this is definitely not something you see every day.

The ... nurse? I don't know her official title. She isn't the doctor. And for some reason, although I saw the doctor on his first visit, I've seen this non-doctor person ever since. Anyway, she sat down looked over my numbers.

My fructosamine test came back perfect. This tests your blood sugar averages for the previous 3 weeks. (I will be getting one of these and an A1C alternating every A1C one month, fructosamine the next.) My after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner numbers...again all perfect. My morning fasting average came in at 91. They want to see it 90 or below. So it was 1 number high.

She immediately started talking about insulin.

The song rang loud in my head. Loud. I can't really describe it - other than I wasn't really listening to what she was saying, but was instead singing this song.

The lady asked me (I'm sorry - I don't even know her name!) what I thought about that. I told her I wasn't very keen on it. She asked me what my hesitation was? I didn't really give her an answer. I guess I could have said "My God has told me that you doctors are completely wrong. And therefore, I'm going to take His word over yours." I could have. But this was not a situation where that was warranted. She went on to tell me all about this insulin. How it is a 1 time a day shot. How it isn't painful. How it is in a pen form, so it is really easy to take. All very true I'm sure.

She finally gave up and settled on having me come back in 2 weeks for a checkup. I'm sure she was thinking that in 2 wks, she'd be starting me on insulin.

I then met with a nutritionist, who's basic advice was simply to eat more protein at breakfast (and more food), more protein at lunch (and more food), eat my snack every day and to eat a snack at night. The ultimate goal being eat less dinner.

I attempted to follow this advice. I put peanut butter on my pancakes. I ate peanut butter and apples at snack. I ate applesauce or some other fruit with lunch. I wasn't as hungry at dinner - and then I did most days (but not all) eat a snack at night. I listened to my body. (Something that I'm not really good at doing - especially with regards to food.)

I shared my doctor's report with the prayer warrior.

I saw two numbers that were above 90. One was on William and I's anniversary date day. We spent the day hanging out with each other - and pretty well broke all the rules. :-P I ate a huge piece of chocolate cake for dessert after all! The next morning my fasting number was 92. The day before my appointment it was 94. I'm sure that was simply to rattle my cage.

I went to the appointment with a calm and peace. I KNEW my numbers were great. I sang "Whose Report Do you Believe" and other worship songs on my way to this appointment. I told God I wanted to be like Joshua - and have the faith to just DO and not THINK (something we had studied this week in Bible Study). And I was going to just walk in that office, knowing everything would be good. He encouraged me on that drive. It was a great drive - you know the kind? The ones where you just want to keep driving around in a circle? Too good to stop?

But I had an appointment to get too. Oh - I have to share this. I was late. It is a 20 min plus drive there. Plus, with some construction I had to go a different, slower route. I stepped into my car 10 min before I was supposed to be at this appointment, and ended up only being 5 min late.

I arrived and went through all the normal rig-a-ma-roo. She came in and looked over my numbers. I explained a few weird ones (interestingly enough - fruit juice on your hand WILL cause these numbers to be high! haha!) and requested she take those out as invalid. She obliged.

She then said "Your morning avg. is 91."

I just starred at her. I could not believe that two high numbers, out of the 12 or so that I had would translate into that sort of avg. I'm not good at math in my head. I found myself wishing for a calculator at that very moment. I'm not sure if she saw the look on my face or what, but she decided to recalculate. Someone had calculated it for her, and she wanted to be sure.

Turns out - the entire month was calculated and not just the last 2 wks. My average for the morning fast was 85. After breakfast - 80 something. After lunch - 100 something (which is good - after eating it needs to be below 120). After dinner, again 80 something. Perfect, perfect perfect.

She said "Have a great day and see you next month!"

And that was it.

I'm not here to say - that if you have a form of diabetes, don't take your medicine. That isn't it at all. I believe God gave us medicine and doctors and the knowledge of healing for those times when we are sick. It is just that this time, this situation, this instance...God has told me that I am not to accept the doctor's report for me on GD. I don't know why. I don't know His plan. But who am I to argue with the creator of all living things?? So I'm not. I'm believing. I said a few months ago I thought he was preparing me for something. I believe he was preparing me for this. We have circles of comfort, and God is expanding mine. Refusing to believe a doctors report is not something I've done before.

I may never know why He is asking me to take this route. And I'm Ok with that. For now, I'm just concentrating on the journey, and enjoying the blessing He is heaping upon me.


Janette said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story -- it was great to read the whole thing even after hearing your praise at Church Sunday! Way to go for listening to that "still small voice"...although from your description it didn't sound very small :)! And also for being your own advocate!! CONGRATS on the perfect numbers -- we will continue to pray that each of your tests are the same!! :)

Miriam said...

No problem! I figure telling everyone who can listen is part of my job at this point. While this whole adventure (experience? miracle? I don't know the right word!) is certainly beneficial for me...I know in my heart that it isn't solely for me. :-)