Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Bean: Week 20

Yesterday we started talking about Baby Bean (our name for the "baby in Mommy's belly") and somehow got on the conversation of when Rebekah was born.  This in itself isn't surprising, as nearly everyday Rebekah asks us to tell the story of when she and/or Peter was born.  And somehow we found ourselves watching Rebekah's birth video.

Ok - not the actual video of when she was born.  The video of the events around it.  Both kids were fascinated with it.

Then this morning all they could talk about was Baby Bean.  Peter sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider to Baby Bean.  Rebekah made up a nonsensical song.  Peter said he wanted Baby Bean to play on the swing set with him.  I mentioned it might be awhile, because Baby Bean would be very little.  Peter's solution was for Baby Bean to not swing too high and Rebekah added "So she won't crack her head open!".

We play a game around here where one parent (or kid) will hold the kid - then they will say "HELP HELP!"  The other parent (or kid) will then grab the prisoner's hand and set him loose.  This morning Rebekah had a hold of Peter and Peter said "Help Baby Bean!  HELP!"  I grabbed him up, and said in my best Baby Bean voice "I'm here to save the day!"  Both kids thought it was hilarious.

And it was so sweet to see them already interacting (as best as they can) with this little abstract thought of Baby Bean.

William has been working on getting through the stacks of video we need to process.  He ran across the bit of video we had of Peter's birth this evening.  So we all sat down to watch it.  We told Peter that was "Baby Peter" and eyes grew wide and excitement soon took over.  He squealed and clapped his hands, watching intently.  When he cried in the clip, Peter would say "Why Baby Peter crying?"  And we'd tell him he was cold (he was getting his first bath in the video).  It was so cute watching him get so excited over this video.  And while I'm grateful we had video (it was a surprise to both William and I), I am saddened we don't have more.

The night of his birth we made the rookie mistake of leaving the bag in the car...and William never had time to go back and get it.  I have no idea the reasoning, other than maybe William had his hands full helping me in to the ER.  I was in a lot of pain by then.  :-)  We will NOT be making that mistake again, and hopefully when Peter grows up he can have an understanding heart on this.

I'm exactly half way in my pregnancy...ok, 20 weeks and 1 day.  Close enough, especially since I know my due date isn't exactly right.  (Hey - I was charting... :-))  At 20 weeks, my pants are tight, I don't LOOK pregnant (and am told this frequently) but am starting to feel pregnant.  I did buy myself some maternity clothes, and I'm very eager to get them.

I can't sleep through a night (I always get up at least once, if not twice) but desperately wish I could.  My kids are sleeping in their beds all night and I know what is to come.  I don't need the practice...but maybe NOT getting spoiled is a good thing?  Other than this, I feel GREAT.  No aches...ok, mostly no aches (my hip occasionally aches and my right leg cannot remain bent for an extended period of time).

I think that is about it.  This weekend I'm going to take an official 20 week belly shot picture.  I'll be interested in comparing it with the right-before-baby-is-born shot and am wishing I had taken one right-when-I-found-out-I-was-pregnant shot.  I think this would help me feel better that I'm not simply getting fat...I'm PREGNANT.  I know this - but after spending so much time trying to loose weight, the psychology of it all has been very hard on me.  Eating more and gaining weight, while normal, just simply feels counter productive.  This is a hard thought for anyone to understand unless you've been here.  And believe it or not, I still miss my exercise.  I try to fit in walking when I can, but it isn't always possible.  And I'm sure this story will be similar after the baby is born.

Hmpf - I thought this would be a short post!

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Rebecca said...

Awww...I love this! Thanks for letting me 'watch' your family from afar. Made me smile :) Enjoy this very special time!!