Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learn to eat

So I've been finding some interesting things out about myself and my body. I was mentioning it to my friend, and she said "You should start a blog about it!" Funny - it is very fascinating...but there are enough food blogs out there. ;-) So I figured I would just post what I learn here and file it away.

For example - today for breakfast I had an omelet and chocolate milk. "CHOCOLATE MILK!?!??!" you say...but I've had no issues with it. My blood sugars are in the upper 90s lower 100s range...BUT still within the appropriate range. I don't eat this meal all the time - just occasionally.

For lunch I went to Planet Sub and got their Cheesy Crab sub on wheat. I just got a drink - no chips. Potatoes in any form are bad news.  I can barely LOOK at them without my blood sugar going up. ;-)  Ice cream is better for me than potatoes - if you can believe THAT!  Anyway, to drink I had a diet coke with a splat of root beer.  They server water in teeny tiny cups...and I do drink.  So it is annoying to get up every 5 min for a refill.  Often in these situations I'll opt for a soda if there is anything at all I can stomach to drink.  I hate coke, and diet coke with a splash of root beer tastes just like root beer.  No diet root beer of course...so there was a bit of sugar in the drink.  Cheat #2.

After lunch my blood sugar was 122.  So interestingly, two cheats in a day add up and takes it toll on my body.  I've noticed this before.  So next time I'll need to make different choices.  For example, since I had the chocolate milk, instead of getting a sub at Planet Sub, I maybe should have gotten a wrap.  Or ditched the pseudo-soda and gone for water.  Maybe even both.  Next time I'm in this situation, I'll probably try the water...and if that still doesn't do the trick I'll go with both.

Pregnancy is going smoothly.  I've been feeling the baby move around for a few weeks.  My pants are getting pretty tight, so when I get home I run to put on fat pants.  Maternity clothes were finally bought today - and I'm really looking forward to having clothes that are comfortable again. By the end of the day, my stomach aches and I feel so much better after putting on fat pants.  I know I shouldn't have let it go this long...but I really hate shopping.  Hey - at least I got them ordered!  They should be here in a few days.

And - because I'm too lazy to start another post I have a cute kid story each.

Rebekah today was telling me that Evan, her classmate, ruined her day.  He took her duck and purple blanket and it made her very sad.  She said her friend Madison took them back from Evan for her.  So we talked about using our words (telling Evan that wasn't nice and thanking Madison), forgiving others for their bad choices and general good and bad ways to handle these sorts of situations.  Then she said "Evan asked me to marry him, but I told him I was going to marry Ryan."  Well, that certainly explains the stealing of the items...but I thought this was supposed to start in late grade school?  The entire marrying Ryan thing isn't new.  We've had LOTS of talks about how you don't marry until you are older, and that is a long time from now.  She sometimes will tell me Ryan is her boyfriend - and so we've had talks about how there is no dating or boyfriends until 16. ;-)  Might as well setup the rules now huh?

Then there is little sweet Peter.  Here is an example conversation between Peter and William at bedtime tonight.  Peter was laying in bed, chatting up a storm with himself.  William told Peter to hush, to which Peter replied "UH!".  After a few rounds of this, William laid down with Peter and said "Shhhhhh Peter"  Peter said "I'm TALKING Dad!"  Oh right...my mistake!  And one more cute Peter story!  The other day I overheard Peter and William talking (for some reasons, these are the only conversations I remember...even though he says cute things to me too!).  Peter says "My boobies!"  William laughed and said "Yeah, I guess those are your boobies?"  Then Peter says "They have choc-o-lat milk!"

And a cute toddler word...Peter says "Bank-a-let" for blanket and sometimes "Bank-a-ly" for blankie.  Rebekah pronounces Oklahoma as "Ok-a-homa"...which is defined as a very far away place.  :-P

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