Sunday, May 30, 2010

Belly Shot at 20 wks

Here is the 20 weeks belly shot...sporting one of my new maternity outfits.  Got a lot of compliments on it today. :-)  I'm not sure if it was because it was nice OR because everyone was completely shocked it wasn't some sort of tshirt and denim. ;-)  (No worries...I bought plenty of THAT too!)

I get a lot of "Wow, you don't look pregnant!" still.  (Yes, I still run across people regularly who don't realize I am pregnant or haven't heard the news.)  I am never quite sure how to take this!  But I simply smile sweetly and say thank you.  I mean really, what else can you say?

And Rebekah really wanted to take a picture with me.  I love this shot...she about knocked me over (see me grabbing onto the couch for dear life?) and we are saying "Garbonzo beans!!!" for the shot.  :-)  I think it came out pretty well overall!

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