Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday reflects

As of today, I am 32. I'm approaching my mid-30s. YIKES! I thought I'd take a minute to reflect on my life.

I'm blessed to have a wonderful husband, two wonderful children, a baby on the way and a fuzzy happy dog. I've been blessed by God this past year in so many ways. The changes in my family have been miraculous and amazing. And I simply cannot wait to see what life will be like next year or the year after.

And that is about all I have. I haven't given much thought to how old I am getting. I try not too. HAHA!

I also have a sweet Peter and Rebekah story.

For about a week he would throw a fit every time I said no. Now, he STILL does that...but this particular week was bad. And THIS particular morning I was done, so I simply let him scream and didn't bother trying to console or talk to him.

Rebekah went over to Peter and said "Peter, do you want a hug from Sissy?" Peter said "Uh huh!" and went over and hugged Rebekah. Then Rebekah said "Do you want to sit in Sissy's lap?" Peter said "Uh huh!" And then went into the living room and Rebekah pulled Peter onto her lap. Keep in mind, there is less than a 10 lb difference between the two. But you know? It calmed Peter down, I was able to get what I needed to get done. And it was so darn cute to see the two and made my heart warm.

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