Friday, May 14, 2010

Sugar Coated Laments

Ok - that title is an attempt to be clever! I know, it isn't my forte and I will continue to practice! HAHA!

Firstly, I felt compelled to update on how my blood sugars have been doing.  After I posted that I was having some difficulties, I took a short break from checking them.  Wouldn't you know it?  My numbers returned to normal that Monday.  I've had great numbers after every meal, and the exceptions are not usually surprises.  I do learn on occasion things I shouldn't eat, which if I stopped to think about it long enough aren't really surprises.  High fat or high carbohydrates are typically triggers for me.  And, I've discovered a high-protein snack before bed is a must, whether I feel hungry or not.

So that is all good.  Another by-product is that I'm really tired of food and eating.  I never thought I'd say it, but putting so much energy into thinking about what I should eat is exhausting.  Sometimes I'd love to NOT think about it.  Breakfast is especially hard, simply because I need a breakfast that I can eat on the go.  And in the mornings, there are times where I would love anything more to simply indulge in something as a treat.  But there isn't really anything I can treat myself with.  (In the past, 'Bucks always did the trick.)

So things are going smoothly.  I'm 18 weeks along now.  Next week I will have my BIG u/s.  I'm looking forward to that!

That is the "sugar" part of the post.  Of course I can't really eat any sugar.  If I get a sweet craving, fruit typically does the trick.  Throw some whip cream on it (which actually is pretty low sugar naturally) and TA-DA...a yummy dessert!

The "lament" part is that I've been thinking of our old house lately.  There are certain things I don't miss.  For example, cleaning it.  And in a weird way, I enjoy the closeness of the family by the smaller space.  It is even nice it doesn't take so long to mow - William can mow (and bag) in about thirty minutes.  So that is pretty cool.  I love living so near everything.  The other day on a whim I packed up the kids after dinner and we went to the playground at the local park.  5 minute drive, an hour of play and worn out kids is so worth it!

Some things I do miss...our old driveway.  It was just plain huge and very flat.  GREAT for the kids playing on (like bike riding).  I miss the view out our back window.  The storms were beautiful rolling in.  I can't see too much of the sky where we are right now.  And of course we hear all sorts of sirens and other normal city noises.  Most of the time I don't notice them, but the incessant thumping of some of the music just plain hurts my head. 

So it isn't all rosie here are or anything.  But it is livable.  And I figure as long as I'm not TOO comfortable, I'll continue to strive towards God's plan for us.

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