Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Shopping Spree

I ended up spending a ton of money for my birthday.  I'm terrible about spending money.  I still have a lot of Christmas money sitting there, unspent.  I sit around thinking forever about what I want, then never get around to getting anything.  Normally my money then disappears, but William has been very vigilant to ensure it remains this time.  (I've been super proud of him for that!)

For my birthday I received additional money.  This money, to be combined with my own savings (we give ourselves "allowances".  I'm a I'm always saving for something!) to purchase a new camera.  Mine broke last Easter weekend when I dropped it at the zoo.  I guess it had one too many falls OR it just feel "just right" to break it.  Maybe both.

So that Friday William and I went out to dinner, then shopping.  I found two cameras I was debating on.  One was a Luminix-something-or-other and the other was a Fuji Finepix z70.  We were leaning towards the z70, simple because it took the same batteries as our old camera...instant extras.  (I know have 4 of these batteries...and I don't need near that many!)  The kicker was when I found it was on sale and included a memory card.  SCORE!
Contrary to my nature, I bought the camera without thinking about it.  I haven't been least not yet!

The next day Rebekah had a party to attend at the local mall.  While she partied (William accompanied her), Peter and I went shopping.  It turned out he was an excellent shopping partner...maybe TOO good.  I'm a very focused shopper (almost man-like in my habits! haha!), so Peter stopping to look at everything did get a little old for me. But when you stop and see this:

You can't help but smile.  He tried on about 7 different pairs of sunglasses before I drug him away.  My focus was actually purses.  I needed a new purse.  Turns out he loves purses too and has an eye for large gaudy purses.  Needless to say, I'm a small purse kind of gal.

This is the purse I actually ended up getting.  It is larger than my old purse (to my dismay and pleasure at the same time).  My old purse was great.  It fit my wallet, phone and camera just perfectly.  When I bought a larger phone, the three no longer fit well.  I could squeeze them in, but not always.  (It was a rubix cube!)

This isn't a new problem with my new purse. They all fit very nicely, with some extra room to spare.  I'll be interested in whether in the next 2-3 years my purse fills up or not.  I'm betting not, just because I know myself.  Several of my friends are betting on it filling up.

I also had been needing a new pair of sunglasses, and since Peter found the sunglasses section I picked myself a pair out.  When I went to buy the items (all on sale 50% off!), I was told if I spent another $4 or so, I'd get $10 off.  The store had a deal where if you spent $50, you received an extra automatic $10 off.  So I looked around and found a new pair of fuzzy socks.  I came out $5 under the original total PLUS a new pair of fuzzy socks.  Every girl must have a good pair of fuzzy socks!  (This being my third pair - you also cannot have too many!)

I'm not used to buying so much and although very pleased with my purchases, probably would have went into sensory overload if I had bought anything else.  I definitely had fun shopping with my silly little boy.  I wonder if he'll enjoy shopping with his mama as he gets older?  I surely hope so.  Rebekah loves shopping, but one can never have too many shopping partners!

And here are a few pictures taken with my shiny new camera!  Taken at a quick trip to the park just this past week.

Oh how I have missed having a camera!  And I'm so happy to again be reunited!

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