Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nuts and chickens

Last night at dinner, I asked who wanted to pray.  Both kids enthusiastically volunteered, so I told them they could both pray.  Peter prayed first.  Rebekah then says "Mom, when I pray I'm going to say 'Ah-men' instead of 'A-men'.  Is that OK?"

I replied "Sure that's fine!  Many people pronounce it that way." 

Rebekah goes on with her prayer and says "Ahhhh men!  Mommy, can I tell you what 'Ah-men' means?"

I had thought maybe she learned the meaning at school and was eager to share.  "Sure!" I said.  "What does it mean?"

Rebekah says "It is a nut!"  Peter then pipes up "I like ah-mens!"

Then TODAY...William was chatting on the phone with his brother.  His brother had asked to come to visit (by himself) and they were discussing which weekend.  William says "That weekend would be fine.  Miriam is having a hen party, but I'll be home with the kids."

Peter looks at me, dead serious and says "Bock like a chicken mom!"

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