Monday, July 26, 2010

Thomas' Vacation

A few weeks ago, Thomas came by himself to visit us.  This was a first, in that he's never just called us up and said "Hey, can I come for a visit?".  He has come one other time, but it was for Fantasy Football picks.  :-)

We were pleased as punch he chose to visit us like that...and it gave me some new perspective on Thomas himself.  For example, we have extended an offer (multiple times) for him to come to live with us.  And if you recall, I believe he will someday.  And this visit just reinforced that I believe I could in fact have him in our house.  I will admit I was nervous...but he does pretty good with the kids and even enforced some common sense things with him.  You know...unlike certain...*ah hem*...grandparents. 

Thomas drove up on Friday.  I was having a 'hen party', and so William and Thomas took the kids bowling.  This was the first time for bowling for Peter.  I was sad I missed it, but happy the kids has so much fun.  (They are STILL talking about it!)

I wasn't there, so I can't really speak to the pictures.  BUT - this last one?  Peter looks pretty darn pleased with himself.  I heard some wild stories too...for example Rebekah somehow managed to send her bowling ball 4 lanes over.  Even with the bumpers.  And Peter managed to get a ball stuck in the gutter.  With the bumpers on.  These things of course take talent!

Saturday was spent mostly hanging around the house while William was busy buying our new car. That evening we had some extra time, so we went to the park.  It wasn't too terribly hot and a rather nice evening.

Peter has little fear...

Rebekah LOVES the water play and spent most of 
her time hanging out here.  Thomas hung with her.  
(Well, she is a bit easier to keep up with than Peter. :-))

Peter LOVES to swing...and it doesn't phase him when he falls off.
And yes...sometimes he falls off.
And can be a bit scary.

Someday, I hope to take Rebekah to a real beach.  I think she'd love it.

I wondered around watching people, keeping an eye on the kids, relaxing and taking pictures. 

The clouds were pretty awesome.

The next day we skipped church (I know I know...heathens we are!).  The kids were simply bouncing off the wall and so I suggested we run to Wal-Mart and get a little pool.

The kids loved it...still do actually.

We put the hose at the top of the slide..and well, the kids went air born.  We removed the hose to slow things down a bit...ya know, to keep the kids IN the pool.  If we had a bit of a larger yard...I would foresee slip n' slides in our future.

They were pretty much crashing at the other end of the pool.

Even Solomon liked the pool.

That evening we were up for a little more fun.  We were going to go put-putting...and it was hot.  I wasn't super excited about standing around in the heat hitting a ball that never goes where I want it.  :-)  Well, there is a put putting place in the mall.  Turns out, it closes at 6:00 on Sundays.  So we headed over to the All Star Sports. 

The kids got side tracked before we even got to the put put.

And they won quite a few tickets...

The kids loved this ride.

We never ended up going put put...which was perfectly fine with me.

The kids were bummed to see Uncle Thomas leave the next morning.  They had a total blast with their uncle.  We all enjoyed his visit and hope he gets a chance to do it again sometime.

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