Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am NOT a police woman

Being in the technical think this would be clear.  But it isn't.  Even in my industry, people do not do what they are supposed to and must be watched over.

But I'm a peon.  I have zero authority over making someone change something.

This past week I was looking through a directory and found some directory names that were done incorrectly.  These names, when done correctly, help with alphabetical organization.  So they are rather important when trying to find something.  There was also information that was supposed to be logged about the directory (such as information on who owns it and who the go-to people are) that was not present.  If you have the information, it is a 2 minute fix.  If you don't, it takes much longer...because you have to go find it.

So I looked through the directory and found whom I thought owned it and sent a note to have them update it.   The person gawked at making the change, claiming ignorance.  I sent a reply basically saying "I don't really care...just get it done." only worded much nicer and politically correct.  Then I get this beauty from this person's manager (word for word):

This is something we will have to look at taking care of at a later time.
Oh really?  You don't have 2 minutes?

Years ago there was a policeman position open within our department.  I was pretty clear I didn't want the job then.  The chump who did take it lasted about a year and then changed departments.  Gee...I wonder why.

A manager was chatting with me about assignments between the time I finish up my current one (almost done) and my maternity leave.  A typical assignment around here lasts 8 months.  Some are longer, some are having just a couple months to work on something is a bit of a time crunch.

I told the manager I didn't care what I did really...I was thinking "Nothing stressful please", but I didn't say it.  One thing I have learned is that stress is usually self-induced.  If I choose to worry over something, it is stressful.  If I choose NOT too, then it isn't.  I know this isn't the case always...but around here it is.  Stress is typically driven by a high desire to do a good job.  I still have that desire, but have learned to let the things out of my control go.

Anyway...I did tell him I didn't want anything "police-y".  This incident had occurred just the day before, and I was still rather mad about it. 

The response?  "But you are SOOOOO good at it!"

Sure.  I'm good at finding issues, investigations etc.  That is a huge part of my every day job.  But really, too many responses like I received on this simple request, and I'm likely to strangle someone.  Nope, no thanks.  And around here, police work is assigned without authority and management backup in words only.  So again, no thank you siree!

And I'm really tired of being told that just because I'm good at something means I should do it.  News flash people...I'm good at most everything I do.  I'm sure that sounds conceited - but it really makes me NOT want to do a good job at things I don't care for. :-)

And there is my anecdotal work story for the year.  I don't talk about work much because - let's face it - my job is really boring to talk about.  BUT - I bet there are others in every career and walk of life who can identify with this particular concept! :-)  Except maybe real policemen...I bet a lot of them DO enjoy their jobs!

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