Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And the wait is over...ballet begins!

The day started bright and early with an excited little girl jumping up and down in my bed at 5:30 AM, shouting "Today is ballet!  Today is ballet!".  I tried to get her to go back to sleep...but yeah.  That wasn't happening.  So I rolled out of bed at 6:30 AM to get ready.

I can't help but wonder...if she is this excited over ballet class...Christmas?  Really?  I do understand her excitement.  She first mentioned class at the end of March.  Around here, classes at studios tend to run the school year, so she had to wait quit ea bit.  Wouldn't you know she never forgot or gave up?  But in the end her persistence paid off.

Da shoes...

Excited or what?  Peter was mad about something, but I don't recall what.

Getting ready for class.

We got there super early.  Actually...we arrived 30 minutes early and drove around for 20.  HAHA!  And even with THAT, we ended up being the first ones to class.  Because we were first, they dubbed Rebekah as line leader which completely thrilled her.

Rebekah is on the bar in pink at the very end.

Tap tap tap!

In line getting read to do dance across the floor.

Shoe change!

She is on the far end.

Peter was pretty patient actually!

SO..all the literature said they wanted us to drop and leave.  Ok - I can get that.  A spiel about not distracting kids etc etc.  So I was prepared to leave.  That is pretty much why the whole family went.  William and I thought we'd run a couple errands while we waited.  Another father was chatting with Ms. Mary (I have a feeling I'll know who this person is over time?) and she told him they liked for the parents to stay.  Ok...I give.  Geez I hate it when literature is incorrect!  And then when you read it, people look at you funny when you do something different.  Glad I didn't leave!

Peter watched, wandered around, they actually had some coloring books as well.  He did REALLY well.  I was pretty proud.

Ok ok - back to the class...they crawled through the tunnels then sat on the bench.
Rebekah is on the far right end.

One by one they jumped on the trampoline then ran over to the entrance to the studio.

The reward...a piece of candy.
Rebekah actually gave hers to Peter.  She's sweet like that.

The dot on her leotard is a sticker. :-)
Is that the face of a happy camper or WHAT?

Rebekah LOVED class.  You couldn't really tell by what she said...because when we asked her she told us the candy (which she gave to Peter!) was her favorite part.  William was like "So can I buy a large bag of tootsie rolls and call it good?  It would be cheaper!"  LOL  The look on her face when he said that...a look that said "I can get a large bag of tootsie rolls????"  Ummm - no.

She later told us her favorite part was the ballet part and she especially enjoyed looking for the purple dragon (apparently what they were doing as they crawled through the little tunnels).

I hope her next class is just as smooth.  I'm particularly worried about one little girl who was particularly disruptive.  I wouldn't have been so worried, except the mom thought it was cute.  (Her and her mother were giggling over it all..."Oh look, there goes little girl again! hahaha!"  So I don't think it was out of embarrassment?)  Hopefully the little girl calms down...the teacher was clearly exasperated at the end of class (and did an amazing job handling it I might add!).

Rebekah is looking forward to next class.  I hope she doesn't wake me up at 5:30 AM this Sat...no class.  Of course I'll be telling her this little factoid, and hopefully it sinks in.


Rebecca said...

Oh, I LOVE IT! She is so adorable and SO sweet to give her candy away. I love that EVEN more! Looks like she had a GREAT time. Love all the pictures. Hope she had a FABULOUS time today!!

Miriam said...

She did have a fabulous time and is excited for ballet next week. And yes, she is super sweet like that. We actually have to convince her from time to time that it is OK to *keep* her bounty and enjoy it!