Monday, August 2, 2010

Common questions asked of a pregnant woman

Here are some common questions I've been asked, I thought I would share.

1)  Was this baby planned?

This question is especially humorous when preceded with a "WOW!  A third kid???"  It amazes me what people feel comfortable saying.  Anyway...

Yep...I know it is crazy to want more than 2 kids...especially when "you have one of each already".  The interesting fact is that it took us 5 mo to get pg with Rebekah, 7 with Peter and pretty much immediately with this baby.  So the fact I was pg so quickly is shocking.  The bottom line when it comes to timing is that God's timing is always perfect.  :-)  If I had gotten pg with Peter right away, I'd be sitting in the corner rocking myself I'm sure.  (Kids would have been about 19 months apart.)

2)  Do you have a preference?  It probably doesn't matter...since you know, you have one of each already.

I haven't had a preference with any of them.  Kids are kids.  If I had like 3 or 4 of one kind, I'd probably feel a bit differently.  Not saying that I want that many...

3)  Are you going to find out?

Nope.  We enjoy the surprise.  We accidentally found out with Peter of sorts...unconfirmed...but you know, somethings are very hard to miss.  So it wasn't a complete shock when they announced "It's a boy!".  BUT - it was still a surprise all the same.

4)  Have you thought about names?


5)  You gonna tell?

Nope.  Years ago I had a name stolen.  I decided I'd not share again.  I was told that the name was already one that person wanted to use...but the only way you can really be sure is to simply not tell to begin with.  If you don't tell and someone uses the name, then you know they didn't really steal it.  And yes I have a problem with name stealing, as I put a great deal of effort and thought into each kids name.  I like original names!

Besides - I received LOTS of great suggestions.  My favorite suggestion was "Stewart" you could call the kids "Stewie"...we might still use that. ;-)

And yes - we pick out both a girl and boy name.  I believe we have pretty much all but officially settled on names this time around.  But I like to continue thinking about it until right up to birth.  Peter's name didn't even come up until I was driving down the road one day and God gave it to me...a few weeks before he was born.

6)  Are you going to have anymore kids?

Let's get this one popped out first...shall we?


AshleyC said...

I have a facebook friend who is also expecting her third and she also has commented about how many people seem SO SURPRISED that they're having a third ON PURPOSE. Strange! I also found it weird how many people said "I'm sorry" when we told them we were having another girl. Apparently the stereotype of 2.1 kids (one of each gender) is a whole lot stronger than I ever realized!
Thanks for the heads up... if/when it happens maybe I'll tell them "we need someone to raise the average...especially when you think of all the people only having 1 kid!"

Miriam said...

LOL! Really? People told you "I'm sorry"!!! Oh my. I actually WANTED two girls...I would have probably stopped there if we had them, not wanting to risk changing the dynamic of two loving sisters. ;-) SO. Again, apparently God had other plans for my family...but I wonder if people know what comes out of their mouth sometimes!

(I had a manager say "I'm sorry!" when he was told I was pg...another manager called him on it and the back peddling was ABSOLUTELY the FUNNIEST thing I've ever witnessed! Wished I could have video'd it and stuck it up on You Tube!)