Sunday, August 8, 2010

Belly Shot at 30 wks

Well, here is my belly shot.  I'm officially 30 weeks.  (Here's my 20 week shot!)  I can definitely see a difference...which is nice!  I've been wishing I had a zero week shot, just so I could see the difference.

Right now, I'm wearing maternity clothes of course, but I can still fit into some old shorts and capri's I have that I like to call my 'fat clothes'.  They are from before I was pregnant with Peter, and a size larger.  When I look at myself in the mirror, I think "Wow, I'm 30 weeks pg and this is something of what I looked like before pregnant with Peter."  I must - or else I wouldn't be able to still fit into those clothes.  When I get closer to time for the Baby Bean's arrival, I'll dig up a belly shot I have of me pregnant with Peter.  I have a shot from about a week before he was born.  The difference will be interesting to see.  I don't know if I have any with Rebekah - I wasn't very diligent then.

Pregnant with Baby Bean at 30 weeks

Excuse the cookbook on the couch - I had just finished the weekly menu and shopping list. :-)

Some thoughts on my mind currently...I've been thinking I need to figure out where to put a crib.  We will co-sleep, but I want the crib anyway for naps and a few other time periods.  I'm wondering what our plan is going to be if I go into labor - who will we call?  My folks are great as long as you don't call outside the hours of 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM or so...they are very much night owls.  When we had Peter, they didn't answer the phone.  I'm wondering if I'll get my 10/10/10 birthday for this this baby, if I will be induced or will I go into labor naturally?  (If given the absolutely choice - I'd go into labor naturally during the day!!!  A 10:10 birth time would be pretty awesome on top of the 10/10/10 birthday... ;-)) 

I don't worry if my kids will like this baby.  I know Rebekah will LOOOOOVE this baby.  She is so excited about Baby Bean already.  Peter, of course, I believe may have a bit of a rough transition. BUT - he follows Rebekah's lead on most things.  So I think they will be fine once he sees her adoration for this kid.

I am also wondering what kind of sling to get.  I know I'll need one. I want something easy to use.

So there you have it - random thoughts from a random pregnant lady.  :-)  I will say I do pooch my belly out a bit - in a lame attempt to 'look' more pregnant.  :-P  It isn't something I do intentionally, but something I have caught myself doing.  I don't waddle yet, but I do take my time walking.

My blood sugars have been overall pretty good.  I've had a few low ones and a few high ones - but mostly all within normal range.  Of course, this is a praise!  Who else but God could do that sort of work in my body?

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