Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodness...this taking forever

There is a site called Goodreads.  I'm a member and one of the things I enjoy are listing the books I'd like to read.  I have gone from "Gosh, what to read now?" to "I will never have time to read all of this!".  It is a great reminder of things I see as I go.

Goodreads is also accessible easily by my phone (they have a mobile site), so I can see my list of books when I'm in the library or bookstore or whatever.  I can also see what 'friends' are reading - although currently I really only have one friend who is active on it.

You can also put what you are currently reading.  I do this mostly b/c my friend who is active on the site loves to see this stuff.  Since she is interested, I take a minute and throw it up there.  It isn't time consuming.

The site send out a month newsletter that I don't pay too much attention too.  Sometimes they have interesting articles on or about authors I've recently read or their books (or both).  So I do skim.  Today, at the very top of the email was this:

Oh my...really?  It has been THAT long?  The sad thing is...I am really still reading this.  I had to put it down for awhile because my eyes had been really bothering me during my first trimester.  Then I sort of forgot about how much I enjoy reading...and recently picked it up again.   Like...last week recent.

But that is so sad that I've been in this book for 157 really is a pretty good book. 

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AshleyC said...

157 days? that's nothing...