Monday, September 27, 2010

Belly Shot at 37 wks

So here is the deal.  I've been telling people there are 2 weeks left.  This is completely true.  I'm actually technically only 37 weeks right now (and will be 38 this Thur).  The discrepancy is simply I know that I will have to pick an induction date before my actual due date (10/14/10).  That date will most likely be 10/11/10...but only b/c 10/10/10 is a Sunday! :-)

So this picture is taken pretty much 2 weeks to the day before I'm to give birth.  I actually LOVE this picture.  I love my pants (more on those in a moment) and the fact I'm barefoot.  Just seems sorta funny...especially since I was born in a "barefoot and pregnant" sort of state.

ANYWAY...the pants!  My brother was married 1 week before Peter was born.  I had the awful task of figuring out what to wear.  I managed to find something that would work at Wal-Mart...nice and cheap.  When we moved I went through the clothes in my closet.  My dearest husband has been encouraging me to overcome my pack-rat tendencies.  I distinctly remember thinking "The chances of me attending an important marriage right before I'm due is pretty slim..." and tossed the clothes.

Pg with Baby Bean - 9/25/10
37 weeks, 2 days
Pg with Peter - 1/19/08
38 weeks (and some change)

Yeah.  Just kidding!  My brother's BFF who is part of our family decided to get hitched.  (GREAT gal!  Love her!)  AND - they asked me to attend the guest book.  SURE...NO PROBLEM!  I was happy they asked (and that they didn't stick me on cake duty!).  So here I the SAME situation.  Wal-Mart was NOT helpful this time.  I had some corduroys I was planning on using as a backup plan, but sorta wanted something a wee bit dressier.  So off to JC Penney's I went.  I found a pair of pants, 1 size smaller than what I have been wearing.  I went ahead and tried them on, and THEY FIT!  I have to say - I'm SUPER thrilled!  AND to top it off I got them for $15 for a total of $21 savings.  Gotta love those sales and coupons.

And...this picture gives you an idea of how long I had gone between hair cuts...I don't plan on doing that again!  Yikes!

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