Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am having weekly OB appointments now. And last week, the doc mentioned the "C" word.

So this week, I sent in for a prayer request to my church prayer chain. I chatted with my prayer support folks (those who have been praying for/with me this entire pg!), and spent time in prayer myself (of course).

At first, I read up and began doing the things the doc told me as well as some other "crazy" things (like putting an ice pack at the top of my belly!). Then the Lord started telling me that there is NOTHING I can do about this. That I would simply have to rely on Him. I had no problem with that at all, but sometimes sitting around doing NOTHING is hardest of all. Waiting upon the Lord and His timing can be so difficult.

This morning I was reading in Jeremiah 42. In Jeremiah 42:3 the people asked Jeremiah to go and pray and see what God's will for them was. In verse 7, it says it took Jeremiah 10 days to get an answer.

OH MY! Can you imagine? In this particular passage, they had just defeated a small (10 soldier) "army" that came in and killed their governor, several officials and some other soldiers. This "army" (I can't help but think commando type folks...they lost only 2 men in this entire event!) then took a bunch of captives with them. An Israelite army then came and ran off the other army to save the people. (Shortened version! This starts in chapter 41 for your reference!)

So after all this...the people are sort of hanging out wondering what to do. They SAY they will do whatever God wants, but the people have been rather rebellious. Poor Jeremiah probably felt like he was working with ornery 2 yo's his entire life.

Anyway...when I was reading this this morning the whole 10 day thing just really struck me. It is important to be patient. God's timing is always best. He lets us know what we need to know when we need to know it...never early and never late. God acts when it is the perfect timing. God is the perfect party guest. :-) I think sometimes He enjoys making us squirm in our unknowing too...but I don't have any scripture to back that up. ;-)

This last week this entire idea of perfect timing and waiting was something God continued to talk to me about. "Don't worry. You'll be fine." The Lord began showing me that He was reaching in my belly with His hand and moving the baby Himself. He continued to tell me I just need to sit and wait. And He showed me this vision multiple times.

And on Sunday I was reassured when I chatted with my prayer warrior friend. She said "I can't help but think this is a smoke screen from Satan. I can't see this pregnancy ending like this, with all God has done it just doesn't fit!" And this also spoke to my heart and confirmed what I was already being told. Confirmation is a good thing. In such a noisy world, it helps us to know that we are on the right track.

So today I laid back and the doc measured my belly. He said "Is the baby head down?" I told him I didn't know...I hadn't felt any huge movements or anything. As he measured, he said "It doesn't feel like it. But the good thing is we get to take a look to be sure." TURNS OUT...the butt was where the head used to be...and the baby in fact did flip. The doc was surprised. "Hmm, guess I was wrong!" Sweet relief!

I will also say the baby had to have flipped within the past couple days...or even last night. I know butts and heads feel similar, but I also know I was feeling some well placed kicks (foot kicks are much harder than arm punches!) on my bladder. The baby was definitely foot down this past weekend.

God knew what I needed and when I needed it.

The doctor told me to stop whatever I was doing, so that the baby wouldn't flip back. I will say, I'm going to disobey this particular doctor order. I think praying over the rest of this pregnancy is important...and no reason to stop now! :-)

I also had a diabetic doc appt.  The nurse practitioner I normally see was sick, so I saw the actual doctor. He was so slow.  Goodness!  I waited 45 min for him to tell me things look fine...and that "It is safe to say that at this point, you won't need to go on insulin."  Nice to know.  ;-)  An appointment was scheduled for next week.  Oh - and I got my A1C results.  5.2, which is a very nice number.

THEN...on my way back to work I got to thinking.  Firstly...I'm confident my blood sugars aren't going to suddenly spike.  Secondly...even if they did, my OB would just induce.  I know my OB.  I'm far enough along that would be the route he would choose to take.  So I'm thinking I'm actually going to cancel next week's appointment.  These appointments are time consuming AND costly.  I don't see a point in going.  I think I have the NP's email address at home.  I'll probably shoot her an email to ask the point.  If she can't convince me, then I'll cancel.  I genuinely see this as a huge time waster at this point.  But we'll see!

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