Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Faith and Overcoming

This past week God has been talking to me.  A bunch.  And I wanted to share one of the things He spoke to me about.

Early on when God made this promise to take care of the Gestational Diabetes, my first questions was "why".  Why was God doing this, other than because He loves me. ;-)  My original request was simple...let me not have to deal with insulin until I was at least halfway through the pg (20 wks).  He took it a step further and said "None at all".  Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful I didn't have to mess with insulin...but I also knew that there was another purpose.  And I've kept my eyes open for that purpose.

SO...this last week God and I were chatting.  He gave me very clear instructions to let a friend who's son was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes know that He would heal this boy.

Here's the thing...ANYTIME God talks to me and tells me to give someone a message, I get nervous.  Did I hear right?  Am I adding to the message?  Are these really His words?  Sometimes it is hard to step out, because of a lack of faith in ourselves to tune into our God.  And I'll be honest, I've sat on messages before because of fear of me hearing wrong.  But this time I felt like I really needed to step out and take the plunge.

So I did.

I sent a little email to my friend with everything God told me.  I basically shared my story, told her God told me that He was going to heal her son and that this shouldn't be a surprise but rather a confirmation to her.  She replied that she had been praying to hear a story of someone being healed from diabetes, and was excited.

So there you have it.  My story has encouraged someone who needed encouraging.  My step out of faith was confirmed that I indeed was assisting God in His grand plans.  My son gets excited to help me make my bed.  I feel very similar!  I got to help God do His work!  A being who really doesn't need any help, but grants us this privilege!

And last night at Bible Study, one of the things discussed was the word "overcome".  In the scripture we were looking at Revelations 2-3, the 7 letters to the 7 churches.  In each of the letters, there is a promise for those that overcome.  The word "overcome" is present tense, indicating that it is a constant.  The speaker (Beth Moore) was talking about how this is a continual process.  We should always be overcoming something.  Last year, I was overcoming the selling of my house...which actually helped me strengthen my faith.  It was much more than that, but I can't describe it.

This year, it was the pregnancy and GD.

So I'm left wondering what God has in store for me next year?  I have no idea, but I'll be honest...I'm excited!  God never gives us too much to handle.  Never.  And so whatever it is He has planned for me to overcome, I'm certain I can do it.  I'm certain it'll be good for me in the long run and I'm certain it won't always be pleasant.  The process of overcoming never is.

But...when all is said and done, there is always something good on the other side.  I learn something.  I gain something.  There is some experience there that draws me closer to my Father.  And for me, that is enough motivation to get excited about any future plans He has for me...even the overcoming kind.


Janette said...

Wow -- this is so what I needed to read/hear right now! My last month has felt turned upside down, inside out, and backwards...and at times (ok most of the time), I have felt completely abandoned...and anytime I request/beg/cryout for mercy...I only get more "stuff" handed to me. I keep reminding myself "God says he never gives us more than we can handle"..and yet I have felt like I can't handle any more...mentally, emotionally, or spiritually! I'm exhausted and worn down...defeated!! I am trying to overcome it...but it's hard to overcome one thing when 3 more are added before I can get over one thing. Uggh!

Thanks so much for your blog and your posts -- you truly ARE an inspiration!! :)

Charity said...

Can't I give you a Thumbs Up? Am I lazy by fb now? I love this blog entry Miss M. Love it.

Charity said...

Hi miss Janette. We must meet some day. I have been feeling similar lately. Can't I just have a peek at "the plan"? Then I could rest, just knowing that it's all being handled; that I can handle this. Oh wait.... right... that's the faith thing. Thank God for His grace because man, it's hard! Aint it?

When you need cheering up just picture that Marshmallow nibbling a hole in Miriam's jacket. Keep that thing away from the baby! xoxo

Janette said...

HAHAHA Charity! Right after I got chills from thinking about Marshmallow -- I did have to laugh!! :)) Hope you're having a GREAT week!! :))

AshleyC said...

I like how you worded the email you sent to your friend. indeed...