Friday, October 1, 2010

Last moments of pregnancy...

There were a few thoughts I wanted to capture while I'm still pregnant and it is fresh in my mind.  I know that once you cross over into carrying the child around outside of your womb, there are little details you forget.  I mean, why wouldn't you with such a sweet, most often cute pink blob to focus on?  Yes...I said pink blob!  Come on!  Babies eat, poop and cry...and not much else. ;-)  They lay around all day growing.  And mine are is that not a pink blob???

Anyway!  Monday night I went to a Bible Study.  I attended the first study with this group last spring and loved every minute of it.  I learned a lot in the actual study, but I loved building the relationships with the people as well.  I was a bit disappointed when the fall one started so late...I had hoped I'd be able to attend more.  (I'm not holding my breath on attending any after the baby is born!)

After study, we stood outside chatting.  Some of the women commented on how I look great.  Ok - you can really never tire of hearing that.  HA!  And I've been hearing it a lot from lots of people.  That I look energetic, ready to go, and just overall "great"!  So when they brought it up, I had to mention that the ironic thing about this pregnancy is simply this...I feel the most tired I've ever felt before!!!  I gave examples of how I have been physically limited this time around, but haven't ever been before.  (One trip around the zoo and I'm winded.  I walk slowly the entire way, but it simply wears me out!  The fair?  Ugh - I made it, but lost the "utter" in my "putter" fairly early!)  Being limited by my body has been pretty frustrating.  And...I know that I was in the best shape I have been in since jr. high when I got pregnant.  Crazy me had even had thoughts of taking up running once the weather warmed up...maybe even attempting to run the River Run this last year.  So that is just the kicker really. 

The women all smiled (all experienced mothers with older kids!) and said "Well...this is your 3rd!"  Hmmm...why yes it is. tired would I be if I wasn't in good shape?  I shutter to think.  And I can see the kids making a difference.  When they were gone (I have yet to post about this), I got a lot accomplished.  It was weird how it made a difference.

I was then entertained with stories of dresses and other fun pregnancy stories.  I love to hear them. :-)  They are SO much fun!  I don't have any specifics to share in the details are fading.  (Ummm memory is horrible right now!)  But I do remember the fondness I felt towards these women and listening to them.

This week I've also been enjoying the baby kicks.  They are much more pleasant at the top of my uterus versus on my bladder.  :-P  And I get the occasional foot or elbow sticking out...which makes for a fun round of "guess the body part".  I'm trying to take it easy these last moments and enjoy every bit of the pregnancy that I can.  It has flown by!  I say that - but not too long ago I felt like it was taking forever.  :-P  I know, some people are simply never happy!  But I enjoy being pregnant (even the uncomfortable parts!) and will miss once it is gone.

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Rebecca said...

Aww...enjoy the last little bit! Every minute of it! Will be thinking of you guys in the coming weeks!