Friday, October 1, 2010

Rebekah's 5th BirthDAY Anniversary!

Rebekah's birthday celebration actually started early in the month with a party at school.  They decided to change their policy at the school and celebrate all the birthdays for the month the second Fri.  I had previously prepared myself to take cupcakes (as I let the kids pick what they want), but the school asked we bring healthy snacks.  SO, I did.  I brought Rebekah's favorite healthy snack...fresh fruit and cream cheese fruit dip.

Yeah...she's goofy.

The kids enjoying their snack. There were 5 kids in her class
who had Sept birthdays, so there were  a lot of snacks. :-)

They sang happy birthday to the kids and all that jazz. And I guess the teacher was going to do something special the day of the actual birthday, but I don't know if Rebekah got that. She was out of school with me on her actual day.  I like to take the kids out of school on their actual day and do whatever it is that they want to do or at least provide suggestions.  Rebekah wanted to go fishing.  Sorry kiddo - not happening with me THIS pregnant!

We went to her favorite place for breakfast - PANERA!
This has become a little tradition for us actually.  She has always gotten a blueberry bagel.  I've tried to let her try other things, but she loves that blueberry bagel!  This year she did try a flavored cream cheese and also got a pumpkin muffie.  (She normally eats half to 3/4 of mine!)

Her actual birthday was pretty gloomy weather-wise.  I almost had her talked into shopping or something, but she changed her mind.  She actually told me (when chatting about shopping) that she wanted to go to Build-a-Bear and surprise herself with a new stuff animal.  Yeah - I think she is getting the hang of this birthday thing.  I was actually wanting to take her dress shopping...she needs a new one for picture day coming up.  But she had no interest in it this particular day.

Ultimately she determined to go home and play video games.  Seriously.  I will admit I was a little disappointed.  The dress shopping just sounded fabulous! ;-)  But, it WAS her day!!!  So that is what we did.  It ended up being a good thing because it did start to rain.  A perfect day for home!  She played Raving Rabids, Super Mario Bros and Mario Party.  I accidentally had a few too many carbs at breakfast, so I conked out at the beginning of SMB.  She played that on her own (and loves to do so).  Then she wanted to try Mario Party.  She played a few turns by herself, but without really knowing how to read quite yet, it was a pretty hard game.  It is instruction intensive the first time you play.  SO I woke myself out of my stupor and we played together.  She loved it.

Lunch, nap - and it was time for Peter and William to come home.  OH...while I was fixing us up a lunch, she was poking around the house.  She came running in and said "MOM!  I found where you HID the presents!  I know where they are!"  I'm surprised she had found them, but they weren't really hidden.  I had put them away because the kids were up too late in the morning and I didn't want Rebekah upset we were going to wait to open them.

When Peter and William arrived at home, that is the FIRST thing she brought up.  Well...really this isn't surprising.

I don't have any pictures from shopping with Peter...I steered him towards Rebekah-friendly gifts (he is still learning about the whole shopping for others thing...I have a funny story on that in a moment!).  But I let him get whatever bag he wanted.  He is very into Cars right now.

She didn't care about the you can see she was enthusiastic to open them.

And apparently I forgot to grab a pic of the actual gift in there...funny.

Well, it is a Tinker Bell backpack.  So, while we were shopping, Peter saw a Buzz Lightyear one.  I kept telling him "Nah - Rebekah would rather have one of these!" (pointing to the plethora of girlie backpacks).  He said "Well, we can get THIS one and she can have my spider man backpack!"  Yeah, he's still learning.  As soon as the present was out, he was off playing with the bag!  :-P

Next up was her gift from us!  (Oh - and a peek at the backpack Peter picked out!)  I was surprised Rebekah picked the smaller package first.  I expected her to go with the big one.  I only had packing she had fun opening that one. ;-)

And the reaction...really, she's fun to give gifts too!

And here we have her examining the larger box. We got her a Hello Kitty necklace and jewelry box.

Oh yeah - Peter got her two bracelets too.  One of them is very you can see.  Peter found a new use for it.

Rebekah examining her jewelry box on William's sweet. :-)

Yeah...she was a wee bit excited.
(I asked her to smile...)

And I'm sure you've noticed the dress.  She picked that out by herself...and wore it all day.  It is one of her favorite dresses...and a special occasion such as a birthday seems like a good reason to wear it?  (She wears this dress frequently, usually to church!)

For her birthday dinner, she had Papa Johns.  She actually doesn't usually eat pizza, but she LOVES their chicken strips with honey mustard and their cheesy bread.

For Rebekah's birthday dessert, we gave her the option to have pretty much whatever she wanted.  She chose Strawberry Shortcakes. 

William fixing the dessert and the kids watching...
yeah, the floor was slick from all the drool. ;-)

Finished product...yeah, got the candles and everything.

My version - it is "Strawberry Short"...hold the cake!
(I don't have trouble with whip cream...or strawberries actually!)

Ok...clearly I'm going to have to break this post up.  :-)  I still need to mention their big trip and Rebekah's party!  It was a rather busy crazy week...and I'm SO glad Baby Bean held on and didn't make an appearance!  :-)

I think Rebekah had a pretty great day.  I know that I feel honored to be her mother most of the time.  (TEE HEE!) :-)  She is a sweet, generous, caring, compassionate kid.  And she makes parenting seem easy...most of the time!  I love her to pieces and hope that when she grows up she knows that.  :-)  And ummm...that she doesn't think I'm some sort of psycho mom. HAHAHA!

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