Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Silence is Deafening

Boy howdy, I went from all post crazy to posting nothing at all.  I guess I'm all over the map.

The truth is I have some monumental news I'm SO excited to share - but I can't.  I can't share it yet, but will as soon as I get the green light.  It is God moving and I love sharing when God moves.  And NOW I will stop typing on that before I spill it out.

And besides that - I have had absolutely nothing to share that I felt was interesting.  (Although, I do have some adorable pictures to share of the kids playing in the leaves on a freak 70 degree day we had a week or so ago.)

But today I thought I'd share some Ruth stuff.  (If I get time, I'll post those pics...we'll see if my timer goes off! ;-))

Ruth is 7 weeks old as of yesterday.  This past week she has gone from that "newborn" look to a chubby baby look...at least, to me she does.  Here's a picture taken today, so you can see for yourself.

She was ALL smiles this afternoon!  Let's all say "Awwww" together now... ;-)

Some other Ruth changes...she still sleeps in her crib to begin with, but I'm afraid with her cold she has gotten spoiled.  For the past 3 weeks she has been congested.  (It is finally starting to clear up.  I think she had multiple colds, as she'd feel better then get all congested and wilty again.)  So in the middle of the night she'd get so gooped up, that she slept better sitting up slightly...so I would just put her in the crook of my arm.  The smart thing would have been to prop up her matress...but that didn't think occur to me until much too late.  I also accidentally fell asleep nursing her a few times...that didn't help either.  Wait...did I mention that she gets up at least 3 times in the night?  And doesn't sleep for more than 3 hrs at a time?  She is a great sleeper in that she usually goes back to sleep...but she eats 'round the clock. 

Ah well...I figured I would cosleep anyway.  I just marveled at having a baby I could simply set down.  I'm not sure if I still have one or not.  (Last night she was up every 15 min from 2 AM - 3 AM before I gave up...but that was just 1 night.) 

Ruth is starting to be more awake, but it is in the evening hours usually.  She is up in the early morning hours for a little bit, then sometime in the afternoon she wakes up and plays.  Pretty much I think she finds her siblings entertaining, and these are the hours they are home.  She is up for an hour or two during the day sometimes...but you can count on the other hours.  I don't blame her...I find Peter and Rebekah entertaining too!  She is still not a big fan of Solomon.  Can't blame her...his tongue takes up her entire face.  That is a bit overwhelming.

Ruth loves to have her nose played with.  You can nearly always get her to smile by pressing on it and making a funny noise.  We are working on the pacifier, but I'm afraid I may have another thumb sucker on my hands.  She has been sucking on her hand lately and still gives you a horrified look when you attempt to give her the pacifier.  There have only been a few situations where that wasn't the case.  She is holding her head up better, but still not 100% all the time yet.  I was thinking the other two did have the whole head thing down by now...but I could be mistaken. 

I have begun searching for childcare.  We are going to go (most likely) with a home daycare.  This is for a few reasons...we don't need a structured learning center.  Babies need to be loved, held and cuddled.  She'll get the structure and the learning later on (as she will go to the center where Rebekah/Peter go once she is 1 and walking).  Home daycares are also cheaper...by about $75/wk cheaper.  And I've done enough childcare searching to know that God will lead me to the place He has set aside for us.  This knowledge doesn't make the search any easier.  It would be great if I found the perfect place right off the bat - but I know that won't happen.  I'm going on my first tour tomorrow and I'm already fairly certain it isn't the place for us.  But it is good for me to go to "get in the groove".  I don't know how else to explain it other than that?

I thought I'd chronicle my search.  Then I'll have it handy for next time I forget how utterly awful looking for a good childcare center is.  (Seriously...the bad and mediocre far out number the good ones!)

Today - I called 4 places and emailed another two.  I only talked to two people - I started to talk to a third but had to get off the phone as another one was returning my call.  I wasn't sure about that one anyway - when I asked if she had a spot open for January her reply was "Well as of today I do but I don't know if I will in January."  This implies she is not willing to hold a spot open for a few weeks...and while I can appreciate that is "lost wages", she should appreciate that I can't wait till the last minute.  So I was in fact put off with her response.  If she is like that about organizing her open spots, I could see her being difficult to deal with.

I also talked to another lady who didn't have a spot open, but she was SO SWEET!  I was actually disappointed!  But she took my information down and said she was going to pass it to a few other people who may have something open.  She certainly didn't have to do that.

Tomorrow I'll take another look at the childcare referral site and Craigslist.  William also has a name/number I need to call.  And of course - I have the fruitless tour I'm going on first thing tomorrow morning.  :-)

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