Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If you time it right...

My dear friend Lisa came and visited me over Thanksgiving break.  I hadn't seen her since Christmas and it was fun spending a sleepy Saturday afternoon chatting it up and watching the kids antics.

Ok...I had fun.  I assume she did too.  :-)

While we were visiting, a package arrived.  William asked me if I had ordered anything.  I told him no.  He looked at the package and asked if I knew a so-and-so.  (I can't recall the name.)  I said "No."

He asked me several times.  It wouldn't be the first time I've forgotten I actually do know someone.  (Yeah...funny story there to tell another time.)  He opened it up and it was clear that my other dear friend C had sent it.  It was a lovely care package including a present for Ruth and presents for big sister and brother.

We gave the kids their presents and we told them who it was from and why.  A little bit later Rebekah says "Is this a Thanksgiving present?"  No.  Nice thought though...anything to get another gift right? ;-)  We told her again who it was from and why.

As they played with their gifts, somehow they got it in their head that Lisa had sent it to them.  It so happens Lisa and C are also both friends (we all 3 hung out during high school together), so I found this amusing.  We again corrected them.  What can I say - they don't get many surprise-in-the-box-presents. 

Lisa helping Peter open the super-human puzzle
(That plastic was killer and required scissors to open! LOL)

Rebekah working on her puzzle.  I was surprised to find out she
knew Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and California.

The other gift...BUBBLE WRAP!

I took extra pleasure in the bubble wrap.  The kids found it more efficient to jump on the bubble wrap, thereby adding additional pounding.  I'm sure my lovely neighbors loved it. :-) Tee hee!

We had a great visit and the extra surprise was amazing.  I don't think that could have been timed like that purposefully.

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