Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ruth at 8 weeks

Of course I attempted to take pictures yesterday on Ruth's 8 weeks birthday.  She was happy for only a little bit, and the lighting wasn't right in the bedroom (where I've taken pictures before...I can put her on the bed right next to the window).  So I snapped some in the living room floor.

Her "gansta" look

Yeah - she tends to be a very smilee baby.

I tried to get one of her with the Christmas tree.
This one cracks me up because she has a look of "What ARE you doing Mom?"

Happy in my lap
(I was making funny faces with the camera on my head...)

Another unaimed shot...with a fuzzy bottom  coming out of her head. 
Tee hee

Whenever the kids get home from school they run straight over to say hello.  I happened to get a shot of everyone crowded around her saying their hellos...and she was dazzling them all with her smiles.

I've said she is expressive with her face...

While I didn't get anything with a nice background and her all propped up, I did get some cute shots.  :-)  The last one is a couple days before she turned 8 weeks.

And I think you can really see how she has grown when compared to her pink bear.  Check out her 4 week shot for comparison.

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